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Video: Marion Jones Admits Steroid Use
  • October 11th, 2007

Her tv admission of taking banned substance

Marion Jones faces up to 10 years in prison after pleading guilty recently of using banned substance.

Her sentencing hearing is set for January 2008.


1999 – Took drugs given by coach Trevor Graham. She was told it was flaxseed oil by Trevor

August 2000 until December 2000 – Took sports enhancing drug Norbolethone

2000 – Five medal haul at the Olympics. Humble athlete graced the world with sprint double in women’s 100m and 200m titles. Another gold in 4x400m relay. Bronze medals in long jump and 4x100m relay

January 2001 until September 2001 – Took sports enhancing drug THG

2003 – Lied to federal agents when questioned if she took drugs

June 2006 – Tested positive for Erythropoietin (EPO) for batch 1. Batch 2 was negative. Cleared of doping

Friday, 5th October 2007 – Returned five medals she won in Sydney seven years ago. Admitted last week that she used performance-enhancing drugs, pleaded guilty to lying to federal investigators. Announced retirement

Monday, 8th October 2007 – Accepted a two-year ban after admitting to the use of a prohibited steroid, by the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency (USADA)

January 2008 – Sentencing hearing

Last Friday, Jones finally admitted to a US court Friday that she had taken a performance enhancing drug. After years of denial and speculation the former multiple World and Olympic champion told how she Jones lied to federal agents in 2003 about supplements, that had been given to her by her then coach, Trevor Graham, and which she used for about a year before the 2000 Olympics.

Jones said in a letter that became public that Trevor Graham told her it was flaxseed oil and testified she didn’t know she was using a banned substance at the time … but however was aware that it was banned substance and lied when she spoke to federal investigators in 2003

She is the first successful conviction among a group of 40 US athletes and coaches that were summoned to testify before a grand jury about the company, BALCO, a San Francisco-based lab. The same lab which produced liquid, oral steroid known as THG or “the clear”, a new steroid that had been undetectable in doping tests.

The irony is, Marion Jones even sued BALCO lab founder Victor Conte for $25 million dollars for defamation of character when he connected Jones to the scandal. It was settled out of court. Now Conte is helping out in the conviction of Marion Jones with his testimony

Before this conviction, years of speculation nearly turned to proof but it was not to be. Jones did tested positive in June 2006 for the banned performance-enhancer Erythropoietin (EPO), but the B-sample returned negative, which cleared her of drug charges

Jones coach Trevor Graham was charged with making false statements to federal agents in connection with a doping probe in November 2006

Jones former partner Tim Montgomery who was ex-100-metre world-record was banned for two-year based on evidence from the BALCO case, even without a positive test

Jones ex-husband CJ Hunter was banned for two years over steroid use at the Sydney Olympics

Aside from lying to federal agents, Jones plead guilty to lying about her role in a multi-million-dollar check-fraud scam. Tim Montgomery is involved. She admitted to endorse a $25,000 dollar counterfeit check from her then boyfriend.

Now it is expected that the USOC will request the return of more than $100,000 in funds Jones had received, while the IAAF is also expected to seek millions of dollars in prize and appearance money from Jones.

Marion Jones is also disqualified from all competitive results obtained on and subsequent to September 1, 2000, and must forfeit all medals, results, points and prizes from that date, according to the world anti-doping agency

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