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Montgomery “I have a gold medal but I didn’t get with my own ability”
  • November 25th, 2008


After his recent conviction for cheque fraud and heroin trafficking, Tim Montgomery agreed to an interview, where he shed light of his use of banned substances.

It is reported from the interview, he took at least HGH four times a month and even admitted taking testosterone before the Olympics Sydney back in 2000.

If it is so, then the gold medal won at Sydney by the 4x100m team of Maurice Greene, Jon Drummond, Bernard Williams, Brian Lewis and Kenneth Brokenburr are in jeopardy as IOC are very strict on such banned substances usage if found.

Although never tested positive for steroids, Montgomery latest admission would likely result in stripping of the relay medal.

In recent example, the US 4x400m team of 2000 Sydney had to return their gold medals after Antonio Pettigrew took drugs, so did the US women 4x400m and 4x100m team, where they too returned their gold and bronze medal respectively as Marion Jones admitted to doping.

This is one messed up situation …

Disgraced former 100m world record holder, Tim Montgomery


“I have a gold medal that I’m sitting on that I didn’t get with my own ability. I’m not here to take away from anybody else’s accomplishments, only my own. And I apologise to the other people that were on the relay team if that was to happen. I made the bed, so I’m going to lie in it. Why did I take this? That’s the question I wake up to every day and go to sleep to.”


Posted by Uncle Sha.
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