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Photos from Paralympic Games 2008
  • September 14th, 2008

Some of the photos from the Paralympic Games 2008 where usage of prosthetics is seen in most pictures.

Some might say the general ‘rule-of-play’ in normal able bodies athletes, where nothing should aid the athlete progression, but prosthetics used at the Paralympic, which gives these disabled athletes an advantage is allowed and used at the games.

Well its a pretty ‘dodgy’ issue, a case in point is Oscar Pistorius’s winning appeal to run in the Olympics using his prosthetics legs.

Should we or shouldn’t we allow such prosthetics?

Basically I think there’s still lack a clear guideline for disabled athlete trying to cross-over and compete in able bodies events using such aided prosthetics

The current ruling and guideline didn’t quite ‘catch-up’ to the wonderful and brilliant advances in prosthetics for disabled athletes.

Boon or Bane?

Well we shall leave it to the officials to digress and discuss. For now, let’s rejoice in the joy of the Paralympic Games 2008. Click on the photos for enlarged view

paralympics-2008-01.jpg paralympics-2008-02.jpg paralympics-2008-03.jpg paralympics-2008-04.jpg paralympics-2008-05.jpg paralympics-2008-06.jpg paralympics-2008-07.jpg paralympics-2008-08.jpg paralympics-2008-09.jpg paralympics-2008-10.jpg paralympics-2008-11.jpg paralympics-2008-13.jpg paralympics-2008-14.jpg paralympics-2008-15.jpg paralympics-2008-16.jpg paralympics-2008-17.jpg paralympics-2008-18.jpg paralympics-2008-19.jpg paralympics-2008-20.jpg paralympics-2008-21.jpg paralympics-2008-22.jpg paralympics-2008-23.jpg paralympics-2008-24.jpg

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