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Michael Johnson says Usain Bolt should “slow down”
  • November 26th, 2009
Michael Johnson speaks about Usain Bolt

Michael Johnson speaks about Usain Bolt

When the great Michael Johnson speaks, people listen, and despite what he’s suggesting to Bolt seems kinda unorthodox, there’s a rationale behind it.

Every athlete goes through a peak several times in a season depending on this training plan, and there’s also the low and transition point, which looks like a sine wave.

You’ve your good and bad days as an athlete, and it’s not completely wrong to recover and rest when required, so as to fully prepare for your high points in the season.

Michael Johnson pointed, “It might be time for Bolt to slow down. Physically, there is no doubt he can continue to compete, and there is no telling how fast he might go one day. But mentally, it is a different story. The most difficult thing for a young, accomplished athlete to do is to figure out how to stay motivated.

For an athlete who knows before he even arrives at a race that he’s going to win and one who has already made money and achieved celebrity status, as Bolt has one has to wonder: where is the drive going to come from?

Yes, he could go faster, shattering records yet again. But he has done in two years what it takes other athletes, including myself, more than a decade to do. What else is there to accomplish?

Next year is not a world championship or Olympic year, which are the big years in track and field, So it might be a good year to take time off, focus on charity efforts, refocus on another track event, or just limit the competition perhaps to the Commonwealth Games so that he can participate with his home team, Jamaica.

But there is still another reason why it would be good for Bolt to take a break. He has rekindled interest in track and field in America, a nation where team sports generally dominate.

But as fast as he is, Bolt will not be breaking records with every race, and over time his speed will begin to take some of the thrill out of watching track events. After all, with Bolt in the race, we already know who is going to win.”


Posted by Uncle Sha.
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