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How Jamaica produces so many sprinting champion
  • July 29th, 2008


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A tiny nation in the Carribeans of population less than 3 million, far lesser than Singapore, are churning out world beaters and record breakers. Former 100m world record Asafa Powell, current 100m world record holder Usain Bolt, former ranked #1 400m Michael Blackwood, to former ranked #1 100m women sprinter Sherone Simpson are to name a few.

Olympic champion Donovan Bailey of Canada and Linford Christie of Britain was Jamaica born themselves but opted to run for their respective second home. There is a long list of Jamaican champion athletes that comes from this tiny nation, and it just amazes me. I do believe a tiny nation Singapore like us perhaps can model after

We’re very similar to Jamaica in many way. Like the Jamaicans, we’ve a small population, we were former British colonial outpost, we produce plenty of top high school athletes only to see them fizzle out or quiting/retiring from the sport when they’ve graduated, as the British colony’s college type system don’t have a place to support and sustain such a passion

Well the secret to the Jamaicans is a successful sports program started out some 30 years ago, contributions of dedicated native coaches and basically sports is a big part of their culture and life.

Yes Singapore you say have our very own Singapore Sports School and these few years they’ve been producing and churning results, but give it another decade or so if our young champion talent will transition into champion regional athletes and even at world stage

Can Singapore become the ‘Jamaica’ of Southeast Asia? Well the answers are here


Posted by Uncle Sha.
singapore athletics

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