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Drama at the Commonwealth Games 100m women finals
  • October 13th, 2010

A soap drama unfolds for the Commonwealth Games 100m women finals it seems.

First off, during the finals, there was a false start by two of the competitors, England’s Laura Turner and Australian Sally Pearson. I was perplexed as both wasn’t given the marching off order by the officials.

Turner the faster of the two in terms of reaction time during the false start claimed that she was not able to hear the starter’s command due to the loud noise in the stadium.

They both stayed in the finals, running under protest. That’s a first for me.

When the finals was eventually got off, Aussie Sally Pearson won the race, after coming from behind to snatch it from Nigerian Osayemi Oludamola.

1 OSAYOMI Oludamola NGR 26 JUN 1986 5 0.192 11.32
2 MAYERS Natasha SVG 3 OCT 1979 6 0.151 11.37
3 ENDACOTT Katherine ENG 29 JAN 1980 8 0.191 11.44 PB
4 ATANGANA Bertille Delphine CMR 16 AUG 1984 9 0.155 11.48
5 WISIL Toea PNG 1 JAN 1988 2 0.160 11.52
6 HARRIGAN Tahesia Gaynell IVB 15 FEB 1982 3 0.135 11.56
PEARSON Sally AUS 19 SEP 1986 7 DQ R 162.7
TURNER Laura ENG 12 AUG 1982 4 DQ R 162.7

But Sally Pearson celebration was short-lived as the English team launched a protest for Pearson’s prior false start, and they were successful.

Nigerian Osayemi Oludamola was then awarded gold, St Vincent and the Grenadines sprinter Natasha Mayers the silver, and England’s Katherine Endacott bronze.

But wait, the drama doesn’t stops there, it seems that the Nigerian Osayemi was caught doping. The doping test which is standard practice after the finals, well her ‘A’ sample contains the banned stimulant methylhexanamine.

Provisionally for now Osayemi is stripped of her gold, until the ‘B’ sample can confirm the doping result.

With that, St Vincent and the Grenadines sprinter Natasha Mayers is now promoted the winner, getting the gold. England’s Katherine Endacott gets the silver, and fifth placed Bertille Delphine Atangana of Cameroon will get the bronze.

Oh boy what a strange Games it was.


Posted by Uncle Sha.
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