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94000 security forces safeguarding 10500 athletes at Olympics
  • May 3rd, 2008


This coming August, for the summer Olympics in Beijing, the amount of security forces to be deployed to safeguard the peace during the games looks to eclipse previous games. It looks more like a “Paramilitary Games” as some called it

Some 94,000 security operatives in plain-clothes and uniformed dwarfed the number of expected global athlete, at a figure of around 10,500 and more than half a million foreign visitors are expected for the Olympics.

The bulk of the security forces will come from the 660,000 strong militia force of the People’s Armed Police or the PAP. It was the same group of men in blue and white tracksuits, which accompanied the Olympic torch as it made its way around the globe, described as “thugs” by Lord Sebastian Coe, a two-time Olympic gold medalist and chairman of London’s Olympic organising committee

The PAP has been mobilised and warned by Beijing to prepare for any trouble which can come from activists from abroad, be it over Tibet, Darfur, human rights and other issues before and during the Game

The last Olympics game in Greece saw some 60,000 security operatives, far fewer than what to be expected at Beijing Games and the organisers in Beijing claims that despite the figures, the amount spent on the security forces is lesser than what was spent in Greece.

The security forces figures might swell considering Beijing has every right to do what they want to ensure no trouble ensues, so we’ll probably get to see the world’s largest standing Army, the People’s Liberation Army at two million strong, from 20 government agencies getting involved too


Posted by Uncle Sha.
singapore athletics

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