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080808 Beijing Olympics
  • August 8th, 2008


We’re just hours away from the live opening ceremony in Beijing. May I add for Singapore users, there’s a live telecast of the event on TV at 8pm on Channel 5. We might manage to catch a glimpse of Team Singapore on TV

The party will only start at 8:08.08pm Beijing time on the 8th of August. Pretty nifty eh, well its because the Chinese considers the number 8 very lucky. It just so happen, some 16,000 Beijing couples will also be getting married at the same time to mark this special auspicious day

Beijing starting from today has a series of hurdles to overcome these coming weeks, as they’re trying to deliver a pollution-protest-drug free games. Some $40 billion dollars has been spent so far to prepare for this Games, heralding and indicating the country economic and athletic powerhouse to the world

For the opening ceremony later on, the identity of the Olympic cauldron lighter still remains a closely guarded secret, and we shall know only later during the live telecast. Expect the security to be tight as some 80 visiting heads of the state and numerous VVIP will be at the National Stadium called the Bird’s Nest due to its unique design

The show promise some 20,000 performers, 35,000 fireworks and this games has the most number of mascot ever at five. Beibei the fish, JingJing the panda, HuanHuan the Olympic flame, YingYing the Tibetan antelope, and Nini the swallow. The organiser cleverly created five and if you were to add up the first syllable of the mascot names, it says “Beijing Welcomes You”

The bottomline, let’s keep the politics out of the games and just enjoy it. Team Singapore do your best!


Posted by Uncle Sha.
singapore athletics

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singapore athletics
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