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Staffan Strand
  • February 4th, 2007

Staffan Strand

The last time we interviewed Swedish high jumper Staffan Strand was back in 2004. We talked to him again of what has happened over the course of 2 years plus and his bid working towards Beijing Olympics 2008


His personal best jump is 2.32 metres, achieved in July 2000 in Nice. He has an indoor personal best of 2.35 metres, achieved in June 2002 in Stockholm

2006 2.25m
2004 2.30m
2003 2.26m
2002 2.30m
2001 2.30m
2000 2.32m
1999 2.30m
1998 2.31m
1997 2.23m
1997 2.23m
1995 2.10m

  1. We last interview you in 2004, since then I believe alot has changed. Tell us in summary of your high jump progress these 2 years plus

    Not much exciting on the high jump horizon for the last two years. I have been struggling massively with injuries. I did compete last summer, and got back into fitness relatively quickly (225 in the third competition), but got hurt again the week before the European Champs.

  2. Where are you now and what are you doing currently. What is your plan and goal for 2007. And how about Beijing 2008, what are your plans working towards it.

    I am currently in Sweden, just back from a 6 week training camp in the US, New Zealand and Australia. My big goal for the 2007 season is to be back in prime shape for Osaka. Beijing is indeed the last big goal for me in my high jump career, so I would like to close things in style.

  3. I believe you were out injured for more than a year since 2005? Was it the same ankle injury that you mentioned in our last interview?

    It was a similar injury in the ankle, although not exactly the same as the previous one. This was more a follow-up injury, caused by instabilities after the previous injury.

  4. On our last interview, you were still doing your PhD. Have you completed it? Are you training full time now or you’re holding some kind of job position

    No, the PhD is still not completed, it is one of those eternal projects that I may or may not finish. I am since the summer of 2005 working as an IT consultant for a large information management company.

  5. Alot of our athletes here are student athletes like you previously. Some are in university and colleges representing their country and clubs respectively. Any advice for these group of student athletes? As you know balancing your academic studies and training is difficult

    The most important thing is to always keep the focus on school. What you learn in school is for life, while sports are something that is very rewarding, but for a limited period of time only. For me, it has always been good to have the balance of maintaining many things on my agenda. Having school besides sports always allowed me to relax and focus on other things than just jumping, and vice versa.

  6. What supplements are you taking now? Any recommendations of any supplements

    I do not take any supplements, I have never taken any supplements, and I strongly do not recommend taking any supplements. I believe that a varied diet is sufficient to maintain good health.

  7. In high jumping, how important is core strength conditioning in jumping? I believe many of our local athletes here neglect a lot on core exercises

    Core strength is extremely important in the high jump given that the core is what allows good posture through the plant when horizontal speed is converted into vertical speed. I do a lot of core work, both explicitly with specific exercises, and implicitly though the plyometric exercises.

  8. I observed you’re one of the most active athlete webmaster around. Your website is constantly updated since 2001. Are you IT savvy and how has the Internet as a tool medium has helped you. Also I went to your site yesterday and the last entry was updated last year. Are you busy with training/work to update? On a daily basis, how many emails correspondence do you get

    I generally get 5-10 sports related e-mails from people who I do not have a relationship to. Maintaining my web page is one of the lowest priority items on my daily agenda, which is why it does not get much attention any more. Training, work, family, and friends already occupy most of my time. I think the web page is a good media to communicate how I feel about training and competition, but when I do not have much news, it will not get updated.

Thank you Staffan (Photo courtesy of Scanpix)


Posted by Uncle Sha.
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