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Pierre Lavanchy
  • September 1st, 2005

Pierre Lavanchy

Singapore Athletics has the chance to interview Switzerland top 400m runner, Pierre Lavanchy who recently ran in the World Championship in Helsinki 2005 and even reached the semi-finals! His progression through the 400m ranks is staggering and his future looks bright. Currently he has a PB of 45.49 (400m) & 21.17 (200m)

Height: 1.85m

Weight: 72kg

Date of Birth: 30/09/1982

Coach: H-R Herren

Personal Best: 45″49

Website: http://www.pierrelavanchy.ch

  1. I’m sure the readers don’t know much about you and wish to know more about you. Can you share with us, where are you from, your current occupation and your background in sports

    My name is Pierre Lavanchy, I’m from the french part of Switzerland, I live in Lausanne.

    I’m finishing my studies in Sciences of Sport and Psychology at the University.

    I’ve been training in athletics for the past 12 years, but recently only spent 3 years on 400m.

    I’ve always been doing a lot of different sports, I’m active from skydiving to golf

  2. You’re part of Team Suisse in the 400m and relays. How does it feel to be a top elite athlete with the hopes of a whole nation on you. How do you handle pressure and the news-media

    Athletics is not a major sport in Switzerland so the pressure is not so big because all the people who follow us are big fans anyway. So the media and the public are a motivation!

  3. How did you get started with Track and 400m. Why 400m, and not the 100m or other events. What’s special about the event to you.

    My morphology is typical for 400m, and for my first 400m race, I ran the race of my life where I surprisingly became the top Swiss runner around, so I knew then I had to concentrate on the 400m

    I like this kind of effort, 400m is hard but is a real test each time. I feel good training and competing in this event, and I like all the other events but 400m is where I get the best results.

  4. How do you usually run the 400m. Some people say, to go hard the first 100, float and hang-on. Some athletes has different methods of running the race. How about you. How do you run your 400m

    You have to be accelerating slowly but surely on the first 300m, yo have to wait to give all you strength. The last 100 meter are the key, and are difficult, so you better keep some energy for it. On the first 300m get the speed and keep it! Be patient, then during the last curve start to push and stay relax … that’s it!

    Jeremy Wariner does it perfectly and you can see it works quite well!

  5. You’ve fast 200m timing yourself. A PB of 21.17s. If given a choice to choose, which event would you choose. 400m or 200m? Have you ever ran against any excellent 200m athletes?

    I love 200m, I think I would prefer 200m to 400m, but the international level it’s more open for me to run the 400m.

    I never trained for 200m specifically and I only ran 6 times on 200m in my life! But I think I’ve the capability to run 20″6 very soon if I choose 200m.

  6. Did you took part in World Championship in Helsinki? Do tell us of the experience there

    Yes I was there. I managed to reach the semi-finals! It was my first World Championships, so I was very happy with the results. I ran 45″79 in heats, though the weather conditions were awful but running with capacity full crowds was just amazing and in such a nice stadium. It was a great souvenir!

    I also learnt a lot about competing in this kind of big event. I’ll be more prepared the next time round. I aim to be in the finals.

  7. Tell us a little info on your nutrition and training. What do you on a daily or weekly basis perhaps. How important is recovery to you? Do you have massages, ice-hot treatment at your national athletes facilties?

    Nutrition and recovery are as much important as the training itself. Sleep a lot, eat well and have a balance, have massage, have warm baths or “cold-warm” showers to make the blood flow. It is hugely important, as soon as the muscles is worked-on alot, they need alot of recovery and care.

  8. What is your long-term goals. Care to share with us. Any plans to aim and compete at Olympics Beijing 2008?

    Yes Beijing is the next very big step, I wanna compete there and be at semi-final at least. Next Year are the European Championships and in 2007 the World Championships again in Osaka.

    I aim and wish to to run under 45″00 within 2 years.

  9. Who are your role models and athletes that you respect. Tell us about your training group. Is it big or do you train alone?

    I train with the same athlets since I was 10 years old! It is very important for the motivation, as they help me get better and stronger.

    My role model athletes are people like, Jonathan Edwards, Karolina Klüft, Mike Powell, Cathy Freeman. They are smiling and natural athletes, nobody can doubt about them and their performances.

  10. What advise can you provide to young budding athletes. Any last word for your fans in Asia?

    Be patient, be perseverant, never stop believing in yourself, go on working, always love what you do. ASIA WE LOVE YOU IN SWITZERLAND! And see you in Bangkok 2007! (Summer Universiades) and see you in Osaka! (Athletics World Championships)

Thank you Pierre for your participation


Posted by Uncle Sha.
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