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Mel Mueller
  • May 2nd, 2004

Mel Mueller

An accomplished women’s pole vaulter. Mel accomplishment includes being a member of the 2000 US Olympic and the Pan American games meet record holder. Her 15-1 3/4 feet which is the 3rd best vault ever by an American and I decide to catch up with her to find out more about her

Coach: Anthony Curran

Personal Best: 4.62m

Career Highlights: Pam American Record Holder; 1999 Indoor American Record Holder

Website: http://www.melmueller.com

  1. How did you get started with Track n Field?

    Mel: I started track and field in grade 7; my sister was in track and field and I just followed in her footsteps. I hurdled, ran relays and did some long jump in High School

  2. Other than track what else do you do?

    Mel: I love to decorate my house; garden; read; go on walks; play with my dogs; play football and sand volleyball

  3. Per day, what is your typical daily life routine like?

    Mel: I get up around 8:00am have a couple of cups of coffee – eat – shower – off to practice – I am usually home by around 5:00 to make dinner and hang out with my dogs and my husband

  4. Tell abit about your family, any support from them?

    Mel: My husband is the president and co-owner of the National Academy of Sports Medicine (http://www.nasm.org) His company trains me in my core, balance, strength and reactive training. He also does my physio and writes my running work-outs. The rest of my family is also very supportive of my career following me to meets all over the country and the world

  5. Your career highlight .. the most memorable pole vault jump Tell us

    Mel: My most memorable jump in my career is when I broke the Indoor American Record at the Millrose Games in 1999

  6. Ultimate long term goal?

    Mel: To jump 4.90m

  7. Goal for this year?

    Mel: To make the U.S. Olympic Team

  8. How do you prepare before a meet?

    Mel: Eat right and get plenty of rest. Try to relax and not worry about the competition too much

  9. Your thoughts before, during and after a vault?

    Mel: Thoughts before are to relax and see the vault in my head. During you don’t really think. After, I am trying to figure out if I can do something better next time

  10. During training, per week what is your routine like? for example per day how many time & how many hours, etc?

    Mel: My training changes depending on if I am competing or not. But, in general, I jump 2 days a week, lift 3 days a week, do core, cardio and rehab 1-2 days, sprint work-outs 3 days, gymnastics 1-2 days, plyometrics and medicine ball training 2-3 days

  11. Do you do most of your training alone or as part of a group or does it vary by discipline?

    Mel: I mostly train by myself, but I do my pole vault training with a group at UCLA where Anthony Curran is my coach. The rest of my training takes place at the National Academy of Sports Medicine

  12. Do you have any interest in coaching or other involvement in sport after you stop competing?

    Mel: I am not decided on if I will coach or not after I am done competing. I am sure I will be involved in my children’s athletics at some point

  13. Do you feel that your country provides sufficient support for athletes

    Mel: My country provides very little sport to the athletes until they actually make the USA teams. As you know, you make US team at the trials

  14. How long do you intend to compete at the top level?

    Mel: 2004 will be my last year of competition

  15. Any injury plaguing you before?

    Mel: I have had many injuries since 1999. I tore most of the ligaments in my right ankle and I had a major knee surgery – I am healthy now

  16. Do you take care of your nutrition?

    Mel: I get my nutritional program and supplementation from Apex Fitness.

  17. If any one person or group has inspired or motivate you excel and continue track, who is he/she and what has he/she done?

    Mel: I think I am the one who has motivated myself the most. I did have help from my old college coach in starting me in the pole vault at age 23

  18. Any advise for young athlete venturing into track/field?

    Mel: If you believe, you can achieve!

Mel is a world class athlete, evident from her long list of accomplishments and we bid her well in her quest for 2004 Olympics!


Posted by Uncle Sha.
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