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Mark Crear
  • November 23rd, 2005

Mark Crear

Today we managed to get an interview with Mark Crear who is a two time 110m Olympic medalist (1996 Silver, 2000 bronze) and amazingly ranked #1 in the world in 1995 1998, 1999 and many other athletics accolades. This is the man who has turned athlete to preacher, minister and volunteer in numerous programs

  1. You’re now an Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker, Consultant, Author, Ordained Minister, and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.). I mean WOW, this is a long list of great accomplishment, so what’s next. What are your currently doing now?

    I am currently entering into the world class level of Motivational Speaking and Consulting…. My main objective is to assist my clients in theirs!

  2. Recalling your track days, how did you get started on athletics?

    During my 12th grade year a security guard suggested me go out for track and that was the start of my hurdling…

  3. Describe the greatest moment of your athletic career

    Carrying my daughter around the track at the 1996 Summer Olympic Games, with a broken arm and still earning a silver medal

  4. Tell us that special moment on the Olympic podium, receiving your medals. What was the feeling like? Any other events came close to it? Was it the same on both occasion .. the 1996 & 2000 Olympics

    Both are special and the feeling of hard work and “clean” efforts pay off

  5. In your track career, you have your share of injuries. How do you cope with it? Any particular injury that hampered you really bad back then?

    All injuries are bad … You just have to have faith and trust in your inner spirit and “PREVENT” injuries….by being smart and taking an extra 5 minutes, as oppose to an extra weeks of due to injury..

  6. I believe you last ran in 2002 and has since not ran competitively. Do you still maintain your fitness, what do you do for sports nowadays?

    My last race was the Olympic Trials in 2004, I can two spots from making it again. I still stay in shape but not as much as then

  7. How did you know it was time to ‘retire’ from the track? If you could turn back time, what would you differently

    When my desire to do what it took diminished…. You have to have a hunger and when it is gone, so are you…

  8. Any advice for young athletes starting out in Track/Field .. and any last word for your fans in Asia?

    Train hard & smart and believe in your self … It is not the most talents athlete that wins … but the most “determined” athlete!

Thank you for the interview Mark


Posted by Uncle Sha.
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