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Jamie Nieto
  • June 16th, 2005

Jamie Nieto

If you followed the 2004 Athens Olympics High Jump, you’ll know American Jamie Nieto finished fourth with a jump of 2.34m. Though the silver & bronze medalist also jumped at 2.34m, they were awarded the medal ahead of Jamie as they had lesser jump failures. Jamie attribute his athletics gift to God. He will clap and praise to the lord before every jump. This young man who started to jump when he was just 16 years old after a friend encouraged him to give ‘high-jump’ a try has since become a top-ranked high jumper in the USA and world. He trains 3-4 hours daily where his hard work has brought him the U.S. outdoor title in 2003, three-time NCAA All-America and an Olympian. We at Singapore Athletics talked to Jamie Nieto

Height: 1.93m

Weight: 76kg

Date of Birth: 2nd November 1976

Personal Best: 2.34m (High Jump)

Website: http://www.jamienieto.com

High Jump Progress over the years

  • 2004 2.34m (7’8) 2.32m (7’7.25)
  • 2003 2.31m (7’7) 2.30m (7’6.5)
  • 2002 2.30m (7’6.5) 2.22m (7’3.25)
  • 2001 2.27m (7’5.25) 2.23m (7’3.75)
  • 2000 2.23m (7’3.75) 2.22m (7’3.25)
  • 1999 2.30m (7’6.5) 2.29m (7’6)
  • 1998 2.25m (7’4.5) 2.22m (7’3.25)
  • 1997 2.15m (7’0.5) 2.10m (6’10.75)
  • 1996 2.14m (7’0.25)
  • 1995 2.13m (7’0)
  • 1994 2.05m (6’9)
  • 1993 1.93m (6’4)
  1. Describe the greatest moment of your athletic career

    I think my greatest moment of my athletic career was when I won the Olympic Trials in Sacramento, California. I jumped a personal best of 2.33 and made my first Olympic Team.

  2. What’s your training like .. tell us an insight of your normal daily routine

    My training is different according to the time of the season. If it is in the fall then my training is very heavy weights and running hills and stairs. If it is in the season I do more technical work in training

  3. Tell us what goes through your mind before your jump?

    Right before I jump I run my jump through my head a few times watch myself clear the bar and then tell my self once I start moving that it is in God’s hand and then try and stop thinking

  4. Tell us about some of your experiences and role models along the way

    Being a role model is very important and when I have the time I try and do community service. I go and talk to kids and try to inspire them through my story.

  5. What are you looking forward to right now? Your long term dream/goal?

    I’m looking forward to winning the US indoor and outdoor championships and then winning the World Outdoor Championships. Then within the next few years to jump 2.41 to break the American record

  6. How do you summed up your performance at the last Olympics Athens 2004, last year?

    I was a little sad due to me placing 4th but when I look back I know that I jumped well and I felt like I proved to myself that I can jump a lot higher.

  7. Any advise for young athletes

    My advice to younger athletes would be to stay in school and stay positive. Let god guide you and your only limitations are what you believe!

  8. When you’re Singapore for a stopover, how about conducting a clinic for our local athletes

    No problem and if I’m in Singapore I will drop you an email. Hope all is well and thanks again for the article!

Thank you Jamie for participating in this interview!


Posted by Uncle Sha.
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