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Bobby Aloysius
  • February 1st, 2004

Bobby Aloysius

A top Asian Women’s high jumper who represents India in numerous Asian and World competition. Holds India’s indoor and outdoor Women’s high jump and also possess a good track record in the Triple Jump

Height: 1.76m

Weight: 56kg

Born: 30 May 1974

Events: High Jump

Personal Website: http://www.bobbyaloysius.com

  1. How did you get started with Track & Field?

    Bobby: I started doing my sports meets when I was in the IVth standard. Papa showed a lot of interest in sports and games though he was not a physical education teacher. He used to train students in Basketball. He organized many clubs and conducted tours for students. Having ingrained in himself a love of sports, it was only natural that he expected his elder daughter to take up some sports training. He experimented me in all sports events including athletics. He came to the right conclusion that a career in athletics was better suited for my physical traits. Then he started concentrating on athletic events. My tall body frame was ideal for jumps events. He then made a High Jump pit in front of our home. He even took senior boys home to show me they jump. Not even a spiteful Kerala monsoon would stop my papa’s spirits. He arranged a jump pit inside the room for me to train uninterruptedly during the rainy season. And there I was! A little bundle of success before even finishing high school.

  2. Other than track what else do you do, for fun and hobby?

    Bobby: In fact no time to do any other things. I am really interested to read books(Malayalam, my language)and web browsing. But I couldn’t get enough time. Anyway I am doing it. After all I am a good wife. So I am very keen to prepare foods to my hubby. Also I am interested to travel if it will not affect my training. When I was in Moscow for training I travelled a lot of places in Russia. I wrote a travelogue about the socio-economic-political changes after Soviet collapse. It was published as a book in Malayalam.

  3. Where are you located now?

    Bobby: Now I am training in Shrewsbury, England under the eminent British coach, Mr.Denis Doyle. I found him with the help of Mr.Joe Faust, the editor and owner of ‘High Jump World.com’, the dedicated web site for High Jump and High Jumpers operating from America

  4. Per day, what is your typical daily life routine like?

    Bobby: I wake up at 6 in the morning. Begins with some meditation. Then of course cook to husband and me. Then checking the mails and replying them. After one or two hour probably goes to the training. It may long three hours. Some times it may on late evening from 6 to 9! Depends on coach’s convenience. Someday an hour sleep after lunch. In between reading, planning, chatting etc. Weekly massage by husband. It may change depends on where I am. Before sleeping at 10 I used to read The Hindu and few Malayalam papers. Just for sports news I tries some other papers

  5. Tell a bit about your family & loved one, any support from them?

    Bobby: My father, Mr M V Aloysius, was appointed as the Headmaster of a primary school in Kabanigiri, a village in Wayanad district. So I spent my childhood in Kabanigiri. I studied in Marakadavu Govt Lower Primary School up to the IVth standard. Then I moved to Chempery and joined Nirmala UP School in VIth standard. I continued there until I joined Kannur Sports Division in VIIlth standard. Papa is now working as a High school teacher in social studies in Devamatha High School Paisakkary, Kannur District. My mother Marykutty is a housewife, but she had represented Kannur district team in Basketball in her school days. My younger sister Bindu Aloysius, a junior National champion and Inter-University winner in High Jump, is now working with the Central Railways in Mumbai. Younger brother Boban Aloysius is studying for his post-graduation in New Delhi. My Husband, Mr Shajan Scaria, a State award-winning journalist, is now assisting me in my training, having taken a long leave from work. We got married on March 5, 2000. His native place is Edakadathy, a remote village in Kottayam district. But I like his place so much that I am thinking about settling down there. Currently I am working as Preventive Officer with Chennai Customs. I have been working with Customs since 1994.

  6. Your career highlight.. the most memorable jump? Tell us

    Bobby: It is a difficult question. When I was studying in 9th class, I was luckily selected for Dhaka SAF games and I won. It was the first memorable jump. Second my National and South Asian record in Madras SAF Games on 95. Third my first Asian crown in Jakarta, 2000. Also a lot bit memories. First one was my deliberate exclusion from Indian squad for Bangkok Asian games. Secondly the deliberate denial for my Sydney Olympics participation. Thirdly the narrow missing of a medal in Manchester commonwealth GAMES, WHERE I jumped equal to the bronze medallist. But by count down I lost. Again it happened in Hyderabad Afro-Asian games. I missed the gold in front of my people even though I cleared the same height of the gold medalist.

  7. Ultimate long term goal?

    Bobby: Until I reached in my present coach, it was a final birth in Olympics. But now it is a jump between 1.97 to 2 meter. Medal in Olympics must be a bonus

  8. How do you prepare before a meet or competition?

    Bobby: Even though I wanted to be relaxed I always tensed before the competition. The week of competition I never do serious training. I will listen music, meditation tones and be try to relax. Will not speak more, sleep more than enough. Of course prayers to Jesus Christ

  9. Your thoughts before, during and after a jump?

    Bobby: I must be very much tensed though I wanted to be free. But then suddenly I think about my hard work. Then I will decide this year must be my last season, so I want good result.

  10. During training, per week what is your routine like? For example per day how many time & how many hours, etc?

    Bobby: Six day a week. Sunday off. Wednesday light training or sometimes only massage and sauna. A day 3 hours

  11. Do you do most of your training alone or as part of a group or does it vary by discipline? Who is coaching you now?

    Bobby: Always I trained under a coach. In Finland (99-2000) coach was just an adviser. So many days I did alone. In my early days I trained with Anju Bobby George and Lekha Thomas. Anju is the present Indian record holder and world championship medallist in Long Jump. Lekha was the former champion in Long jump. That time we were the three record holders in Indian jumps. Now I am training with the English coach Denis Dolyle.

  12. Do you have any interest in coaching or other involvement in sport after you stop competing?

    Bobby: Of course it was the real reason behind my arrival in England. If I wanted just to do training I must be continuing in Moscow, as I liked the coach very much. I already joined in coaching studies in University of Wales. I have to train few talented High Jumpers; I agreed kerala government to become the part of their athletics administration team after my career. May be I will start a jumping academy in different style.

  13. Do you feel that your country provides sufficient support for athletes.

    Bobby: Eventhough there are a lot of official formalities and hurdles to establish funding, the Indian government is supporting well athletes. If you can convince them your potentiality they will certainly support you. I have been training with the scholarship of Sports authority of India for many months. SAI is the official functioning body of ministry of sports, government of India. They provided a partial scholarship for my training in Moscow for one year. SAI gave full scholarship for my England training since last February. Also Kerala, my home state government, too supporting me. They are sponsoring my entire tuition fees for my coaching studies. It is 20,000 pounds! Hopefully Indian athletes could get a high remuneration for international medals. Gold in Asian games and Commonwealth games may be honoured by 40,000 US dollar. It was the amount already announced by the government but still waiting for the clearance of ministry of finance.30,000 dollar for silver and 20,000 for bronze.

  14. How long do you intend to compete at the top level?

    Bobby: Now I am thinking to end my career after next season including Olympics. I may come back for 2010 Commonwealth Games as it will be in India. Then I must be on 36-36 years of life.

  15. Any injury plaguing you before?

    Bobby: Thanks to the grace of God and prayers of good people, I never suffered by injury ever in my life. I think it is because I never tried drugs even creatine.

  16. Do you take care of your nutrition?

    Bobby: Not really. Natural foods only. No packed stuffs. Very careful about masalas and fatty foods.

  17. If any one person or group has inspired or motivate you excel and continue track, who is he/she and what has he/she done?

    Bobby: Yes, many people. My dad is the real spirit of my beginning. A lot people in different level of my life. Now my husband, basically a journalist is supporting and motivating in big level. He resigned his job before I left to Moscow and still he is with me to help me in training. He says it is a career break for a good aim.

  18. Who is your idol .. any athlete you look up to? Tell us

    Bobby: Earlier it was Stefca Costadinova, the world record holder. Now it is Kajtza Bequest of Sweden, the world number two in High Jumping. She is not very tall like me and very powerful. She feels me that I can do wonderful things. You know all are saying unless you are not 1.80 or more tall you could not jump two meter. But she is just 1.75. And me it is 1.73. My intimate friend in High Jumping is Yelena yelesena of russia, Sydney gold medallist.

  19. Any advise for young athletes venturing into track/field?

    Bobby: Hard work, hard work and hard work. There is no easy way in athletics. Also always be confident. There is nothing impossible if you are working hard. Any one can win a medal in Asian Games or Asian Championship if they determined to do it. Come out from the petty depth of life. Always dream high things.

  20. Any last comments or quotations?

    Bobby: We are here in this earth only for few years. Even that is not assured. You may miss all the beauty of world in a sudden moment. So do what ever you can without any delay. There are billions of people in the world. They are working, earning, eating and sleeping. So you must be different. Do what ever you can in differently. It may be a record in High Jumping. Or it may be a novel charity work. Or it may be adventures travel around the world. I decided it as High Jumping. You can do anything. It is free world. But you have to need free thoughts

Bobby Aloysius is now preparing hard for Athen Olympics and we at Track United wish her all the best Photos courtesy of Bobby Aloysius website at http://www.bobbyaloysius.com


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