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Andrea Giannini
  • September 16th, 2004

Andrea Giannini

This 27 year old Italian is a well establish pole vaulter who hails from Grosseto, Italy. Soaring to greater heights is his game. A staggering personal best of 5.65m and current Italian national junior record holder at 5.50m, we at Track United is given the opportunity to chat with Andrea Giannini.

Coach: Francesco Ambrogi

Personal Best: 5.65m

Career Highlights: Italian Junior record 5.50m, Mediterranean Games Tunis’01 winner

Website: http://www.andreagiannini.com

  1. How did you get started with Track n Field?

    Andrea: I grew up on the field of my city, Grosseto, because my father was throwers’ coach. In 1988 I started pole vault because my actual coach, Francesco Ambrogi, seeked young boys to train. I did hurdles in that period, but I immediately loved pole vault and … here I am

  2. Other than track what else do you do?

    Andrea: Other than athletics, I’m track/field and soccer commentator for TV9 (an italian network) and I also am athletic preparator in my city’s soccer team, Grosseto FC. In my spare time, I like to have fun and go out with my friends. I like to listen and play music. I’m a good singer, but a very bad guitar player!

  3. Per day, what is your typical daily life routine like?

    Andrea: I use to wake up around 9 a.m. (i like to sleep!). After breakfast, I start training at 10.30 a.m. I have lunch at 1p.m. My second training is from 3.30-4p.m. to 6p.m. During the afternoon I sometimes work with soccer team. I have dinner at 8.30 p.m., then I go out with my friends or to work on TV. I go to sleep around midnight; I use to read a book to be asleep

  4. Tell abit about your family, any support from them?

    Andrea: My family always supported me, not only in athletics. I’m not only a top level athlete, but also a degree in Physical Education and Sports, and I have to say thanks to the for all their support. They always told me: “Do what do you like, but do it better!”. I do have not a girlfriend these days, but I need one who don’t be interested about athletics!

  5. Your career highlight .. the most memorable pole vault jump Tell us

    Andrea: My best result was when I won the Mediterranean Games in Tunis. It was september 2001 and it was a very rainy day, very strange for Tunisie. I jumped 5,45 under a big rain and defeated athletes stronger than me. When I got the gold medal it was a very incredible sensation

  6. Ultimate long term goal?

    Andrea: I hope to go with athletics at top level for 6-7 years still

  7. Goal for this year?

    Andrea: I try to go to Olympic Games in Athens

  8. How do you prepare before a meet?

    Andrea: I use to do the same things that I usually do: goin’out with friends and have a bit fun: it’s better for my concentration

  9. Your thoughts before, during and after a vault?

    Andrea: After 15 years of doing this discipline, I usually don’t think anymore! During trainings, I try to concentrate myself about jump’s technic. During the competitions I don’t think, I act!

  10. During training, per week what is your routine like? for example per day how many time & how many hours, etc?

    Andrea: I do 8-9 trainings per week, and training is 2 to 3 hours long. Next to competitions, I usually have 4-5 trainings per week.

  11. Do you do most of your training alone or as part of a group or does it vary by discipline?

    Andrea: I’m training with another athlete of my city. His name is Alberto Motta, he has 22 and his PB is 5.21m. He’s a very serious and motivated training-mate, but above all he’s a big friend. My coach, Francesco Ambrogi, is the same of 15 years ago. He has grew with me during these years, and now is a coach of Italian National team. I was coached from Vitaly Petrov (former coach of Sergey Bubka) for a bit and it was interesting, but I had so many injuries with him

  12. Do you have any interest in coaching or other involvement in sport after you stop competing?

    Andrea: Actually, I prefer working with other sports like soccer and tennis as athletic preparator: it’s more motivating for me, because after 15 years doing athletics, I want to change something in my life … Or maybe I’ll come to do pole vault coach in Singapore!

  13. Do you feel that your country provides sufficient support for athletes

    Andrea: In the last years, Italian Olympic Comitee is in a big trouble because it has no more money due to a wrong management in the last years. We have no more camps since 1999, and Italian Federation supports only 8-10 of the best athletes, so not me. In Italy there are Army and Police teams that supports the best athletes, like Police, Air Force and Army. I’m leavingm Custom Police after 8 years with them, because for a policeman it’s impossible to work on TV or with football players. I need to think to my future, too

  14. How long do you intend to compete at the top level?

    Andrea: As I said you, I hope to go on 6-7 years still, but above all it depends from my physical conditions. When I will be no more at top level I will stop my career. I can’t think to compete at the edge

  15. Any injury plaguing you before?

    Andrea: I had two big injuries. First, at the end of 1999, was a trouble at my right ankle tendon. I was operated and i lost Olympic Games in Sydney. My second big injury was in 2002: I had two hernias at my back discs and I lost all that season. But luckily, I have completelly recovered and now I feel very good

  16. Do you take care of your nutrition?

    Andrea: You know that Italian food is one of the best in the world. I only care not to eat food that’s too fat or rich in amides. Luckily, I don’t like snacks or bonbons, so it helps me

  17. If any one person or group has inspired or motivate you excel and continue track, who is he/she and what has he/she done?

    Andrea: My grandfather, dead 2 years ago, was ever my first fan. He always supported me and helped me in the worst moments. I dedicated him my gold medal at the Mediterranean Games

  18. Who is your idol .. any athlete you look up to? Tell us

    Andrea: I have no idols in track&field … by this time they look as puppets

  19. Any advise for young athlete venturing into track/field?

    Andrea: Track & field is a very hard and rough sport, because you always are against yourself. I only can say to young athletes to have fun and don’t think too much to them results

  20. Any last comments or quotations?

    Andrea: I hope this interview can help to develope track&field in Singapore, because your country is very rich of resources to do hi-level track & field. When I visited it I liked it so much, so I hope to come back soon. Why don’t you guess me?!?

Thank you Andrea for the inverview! We await your return to Singapore with open arms if you ever come back here. We wish you all the best getting to Athen Olympics 2004! Make us proud!


Posted by Uncle Sha.
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