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Noose parody on Singapore Athletics
  • June 23rd, 2010

For the clueless like me, Noose is a local parody TV show poking fun at current affairs, people and such.

And watching it for the first time yesterday, I was surprised that it poked fun at our very own state of local athletics.

If it gets to a point of Singapore Athletics being featured in Noose, you know we really need changes for the sake of Singapore Athletics and its fraternity.

We’ve now become a joke.

Well in regard to that, we’re at a precipitous turning point regarding Singapore Athletics with the Annual General Meeting (AGM) to be held this Friday, 25th June.

It will decided then on the key positions of Singapore Athletics Association committee members that will fill the roles and decide how the future of local athletics will pan out.

Yes some of the key positions will be unopposed, such as the Presidency, and Vice-President. Current President Loh Lin Kok had decided not challenge his post, but it seems the old-guards from the current SAA committee will contest theirs.

I urge and implore the affiliates to consider carefully as their votes count. Start on a clean fresh slate, vote and choose new committee members who has the passion and drive to bring back the glory days of Singapore Athletics.

I’m not saying the old-guard are far less passionate and driven, but let’s face it, their track record so far these nearly three decades or so has not been fruitful.

We’ve lost three ‘generations’ of talented athletes under the current SAA leadership; Timothy Yeo, and Haron Mundir, are to name a few. It’s always the same old drama, the headline dogged with news of internal in-fighting, relay sagas, selection issues, and such.

If the old-guards can’t get it right under the helm of Loh Lin Kok, what makes you think the re-elected SAA committee members can make a difference now.

As direct, crude and harsh as it may sound, the old-guards do listen, we the majority of Singapore Athletics fraternity want you out.

Yes success don’t comes overnight, and the first step is to forgo old ties, and embrace the new team of Tang Weng Fei and co. Let’s rebuild our burnt bridges from there.

Watch the Noose parody on Singapore Athletics

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Posted by Uncle Sha.
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