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Ng Chin Hui, “I am fueled by the passion for the sport”
  • April 22nd, 2010

Ng Chin Hui is one of Singapore fastest schoolboy.

At 16 years old, he’s already giving our senior national athletes a run for their money with his fine recent runs.

Ng Chin Hui also has been capturing the headlines lately, from his four gold medals at the National Inter-School Track and Field Championships, to his attempt to qualify for the 2010 Youth Olympic Games.

Tagged as Singapore’s fastest schoolboy, and even affectionately dubbed “ChinBolt” by his friends, has not unfazed this determined young promising athlete, as he sets more goals, and gold in his sights.


Name: Ng Chin Hui

Height: 1.79m

Weight: 65kg

Date of Birth: 12th January 1994 (16 years old)

Current School: Anglo-Chinese School (Independent)

Previous School: Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Primary

Current spike: ASICS Japan Lite-ning 2

Personal Bests: 100m – 11.34s, 200m – 22.48s, 400m – 50.46s

On his formative athletics years

Q) How did you get started and discovered in athletics?

Well I got selected because of my height back in primary school.

Q) Tell us about your coach and training partners

Mr Loh Chan Pew has been my coach since Secondary One. I usually train with my teammates in school or at Tampines stadium.

Mr. Loh is a very dedicated coach and has been supporting and giving me invaluable advice ever since I was under his charge.

Q) Your role-models in athletics?

Michael Johnson and Lance Armstrong. Michael and Lance are exceptional athletes.

Although Lance is a cyclist and not a runner, his sheer determination and will to succeed in all he does truly inspired me to persevere no matter what the odds were.

Q) How supportive are your family and friends in your athletics participation?

My family understands that athletics is my favourite sport since young and are very supportive of me in my pursuit of excellence in this field.

Q) What does running mean to you?

Well I do enjoy running a lot. I’m fueled by the passion for the sport and my sheer desire to succeed.

On Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games

Q) What are your goal(s) and expectation(s) for the upcoming YOG 2010?

I hope to secure a spot in the final YOG squad, but that will depend on my performance at the upcoming Asian qualifiers.

Q) What are your thoughts of the YOG selection criteria. You yourself was overlooked for the AYG 2009 last year over selection issues

Well my coach and I do feel that Singapore should be allocated more slots since we’re the host country.

There are talented sprinters out there such as Shahrir Anuar (100m) whom I feel should be given a chance to don the national colours at the inaugural event, as it is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Ng Chin Hui at the 1st AllComers back in January, Lane 8 clocking 22.99 seconds, trying to qualify and preparing for YOG.

Q) For the YOG, were you aiming for both 200m and 400m spot?

Yes I was but unfortunately loss out to Avinash in the 400m. But I am satisfied as the both of us are given an equal chance to represent our nation in the YOG.

Q) What lesson(s) has such selection process taught you?

I believe that it isn’t easy to have a perfect and fair system with regards to the selection process.

As a result of which, controversies are inevitable. However affected I may be, I will remain focused and persevere till succeed.

On Training and Racing

Q) How do you juggle studies/training/competition. Share some of the difficulties you faced

Well I guess it all comes down to having the right discipline and will to succeed in my academic pursuits as well as in the sporting arena.

Time management is very important and the biggest obstacle I face is to probably find adequate time to study as I train six days a week.

Q) Tell us about your training

My coach emphasizes a lot on speed endurance and speed workouts as they are critical components in my training regime.

Training also includes occasional gym workouts to build strength and power.

Q) What goes through your mind as you’re at the starting line

I constantly remind myself to remain calm and composed, have a positive mindset, and to burst off the blocks and stay relaxed throughout the entire race.

Ng Chin Hui showing composure on the final stretch. Photo by richseow

Q) Running tactics, do you believe in it

I’d say I’m the sort that’ll just go out there and run the race without feeling any pressure from my competitors.

Q) Favorite event, the 200m or 400m? Why

I’d go with the 200m for now, although the 400 has always been my pet event. I feel more confident running the 200m, and I love the entire adrenaline pumping and nostalgic experience from start till the end.

It is also less tiring and strenuous than the 400 and I am able to execute strong finishes because of my speed endurance.

On his future

Q) Aside from athletics, what are your other passions in life?

Cycling is another sport that I enjoy, especially after the competition season ends.

I’ve got no plans for the future yet as I’ve got a lot on my plate at the moment, but I do find the legal profession very interesting.

Q) Five years down the road, where do you think you’ll be

I’ll definitely still be training as I’d like to represent Singapore in the various regional competitions such as the SEA games and Asian games one day.

Ng Chin Hui romping away to one of his four gold in the 400m B Boys finals at the recent national schools, in a new PB of 50.46 seconds.

Credit: Ng Chin Hui for the detailed interview, richseow for the photos and Shalindran for the video.


Posted by Uncle Sha.
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