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5th AllComers 2010 Results
  • July 26th, 2010

Date : 25th July 2010 (Sun)

Venue : ITE College East

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Photo and videos courtesy of Shalindran.

Report Snippet

Yesterday was the first meet that was under the new SAA management, and the highlight of the meet would have been the two individual performances by Wings Athletic Club sprinters Amirudin Jamal and Elfi Mustapa.

Both running their lifetime best in the 100m men’s event, they clocked 10.53 and 10.56 seconds respectively. With that they’ve both gone under the qualifying mark for the Asian Games, and will likely get a nod from SAA selection for their participation in the Games individual event to be held at Guangzhou, China from November 12 to November 27, 2010.

ITE College East at Simei proved to be a fast track, as a group of Malaysian led team fielded an array of fine and promising sprinters. It was a delight for the spectators, as in the blue-ribbon event, they witnessed Malaysian sprinter Mohd Noor Imran clocking a sublime 10.46 seconds with a 1.3 m/s headwind in the 100m men’s event.

In presence was also one of Malaysia’s top women sprinter Siti Fatimah, despite winning her 100m race in a time of 12.41 seconds, it was a far cry from her 11.77 seconds personal best. Obviously the field lacked a credible line-up to provide her with any competition.

The meet itself was missing a number of our top junior athletes. I reckon they’ve opted to forgo this meet in preparation for the Youth Olympic Games. Plus the National Schools are over, there isn’t really a need for our juniors to compete.

Still the participation level was encouraging, as there were eights sections runs for the ever popular century sprint event. There’s still room for improvement as we’re still lacking the inclusion of local clubs in such meets. Aside from Wings Athletics Club, and Swift Athletes Association, there wasn’t any other clubs in attendance.

Men 400 Meter Run Open Section 1

Men 400 Meter Run Open Section 2

Women 100 Meter Run Open Section 1

Men 100 Meter Run Open Section 1

Men 100 Meter Run Open Section 2

Men 100 Meter Run Open Section 3

Men 100 Meter Run Open Section 4

Men 100 Meter Run Open Section 5

Men 100 Meter Run Open Section 6

Men 100 Meter Run Open Section 7

Men 100 Meter Run Open Section 8

Women 200 Meter Run Open Section 1

Men 200 Meter Run Open Section 1

Men 200 Meter Run Open Section 2

Men 4×100 Meter Run Open


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