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Sergey Bubka defends Youth Olympic Games
  • April 22nd, 2009
Sergey Bubka the legendary pole vaulter now IAAF senior vice-president

Sergey Bubka the legendary pole vaulter now IAAF senior vice-president. Photo via Youth.sg

IAAF senior vice-president Sergey Bubka gave his opinion and his support to Youth Olympic Games which will debut next year in Singapore August 2010.

It was a response on his part and IOC on the recent remarks by Swedish federation supported by Denmark, Netherlands and Iceland who was against the participation at Youth Olympic Games and stated that European Youth Olympic Festival and World U17 Championships is enough.

Sergey Bubka speaking to the media

“The International Olympic Committee realised that the current generation of children is not having a healthy life, they are sitting behind TV screens or PC monitors. They needed a new programme and a new motivation and so we invented Olympic Games for the young generation. There was an overall feeling that something must be done for the children and youngsters

The games should be a special gathering, not only sports events. There will be many other functions during the games which will attract the attention of the participants. For example concerts or master classes with former great sports personalities.

All participants will be there for the whole duration of the games. And for example at the games no records will be registered, we do not want to see accelerated young athletes who will fight for records.

We expect that the coaches will take their responsibilities and will use the natural abilities appropriate to the age of the young athletes.

Another part is the qualification to the games. In Athletics every continent will held a qualification meet which will see athletes qualify for the Singapore event.

That should give an additional motivation and another occassion where the young athletes will meet together. And we will have some interesting events too, like mixed relays. It won´t be only events, times, rankings. We want that the young boys and girls will enjoy this games as something special way beyond the classical sporting event”

Personally I feel, there should be more of such games. We’re indeed becoming a ‘wired’ society when for an example video game console Wii tennis is much more fun and acceptable with the kids than playing actual tennis.

Come next year, some 3594 athletes from all 205 National Olympic Committees will compete in Singapore in 26 sports comprising 201 events.

Official Site: www.singapore2010.sg


Posted by Uncle Sha.
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