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Time Trial “Special Race” 2007 for Senior Athletes
  • May 1st, 2007


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A week plus back, on the 21st April, during the 33rd Singapore Junior at Gombak stadium, the association took advantage of the electronic timing equipment and held it’s time trial for Singapore senior athletes. The main purpose of this I believe is to select athletes for an upcoming overseas meet in Hong Kong and also to keep tabs on the various performances of the pre-selected SEA Games squad.

The races being held was the 100m and 300m. As expected, the more popular 100m has two races while the 300m only has a measly 5 athletes running. Looks like everyone are all interested for the 4x100m spot. We’ve some of the ‘old’ veterans running the race such as Poh Seng Song (100m) to young potential ones such as Lance (400m). Still however we’re ‘missing’ a couple of the more prominent senior athletes, some due to injures, some are just not ‘invited’.

Well an idea from this reporter, rather than holding such time trials, and sending only a selected few overseas, could we have more local meets, being that this is SEA Games year, such exposure would really ‘prepare’ such athletes who need such races to get into form. With such race, I’m sure our counterparts across the straits would love to participate too. The more the merrier in-fact, plus we would be able to know the kind of ‘competition’ our athletes are up against.

Yes we should however still send athletes overseas for the bigger major meets, I still believe however, there’s far few local meets in Singapore. some of the local meets planned might not even be held, as it’s still unconfirmed (see the races calendar below) How could an athlete run a major meet and the biggest race of their life comes December when their run-up consist of just couple races which is usually held locally.

This reporter hope to see the inclusion of a certain club back, which has been deemed a ‘ban’ late last year to hold it’s annual meet. At least it more ‘fun’ and we’ve a selection of races to participate, rather than from just relying on a certain sole local club

Here are a list of local races for 2007. Tell me is it enough?

8th March – SAA 1st Allcomers
27th May – SAA 2nd Allcomers
16th June – AKIRA/ Swift 54th Annual Track & Field
15th Jul – SAA 3rd Allcomers
2nd Sep – SAA 4th Allcomers
29th Sep – 69th Singapore Open
11th Nov – SAA 5th Allcomers
9th Dec – 24th SEA Games

Please vote! Should we have more local races/events?

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Edit: Hi again, this is the editor. I’ve gotten a few feedback and it seems that I didn’t put myself ‘clear’ enough and my earlier article has gotten the wrong impression that it might looks like an association ‘bashing’ article in the sense. But no, that wasn’t my intention. What I didn’t mention is that, there’s a lack of races other than the popular sprints (100m, 200m). I applaud our SAA for their effort in organizing and setting up these races but you can’t deny the fact that most of the attention or special races are focused more on the sprints. Yes these are the core events that might haul in the medals compared to the rest of other events, but still we do need to give other events it’s needed attention for only can our aspiring athletes can improve and get race experience



100m Heat 1
1. 10.80s – Poh Seng song
2. 10.84s – Gary Yeo
3. 11.12s – Jonah Tang
4. 11.17s – Alfred Sim
5. 11.23s – Amir
6. 11.26s – Cheng Wei

100m Heat 2
1. 11.13s – Iskandar
2. 11.23s – Yusman
3. 11.34s – Hamzah
4. 11.41s – Joseph

1. 34.49 – Kumar
2. 34.67 – Kenneth Khoo
3. 35.20 – Alex Teng
4. 36.00 – Subaish
5. 36.50 – Lance


Posted by Uncle Sha.
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