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Team Singapore SEA Games 2007 Performance
  • December 12th, 2007

Yesterday mark the last day of athletics and overall, Team Singapore came back with two medals, a gold and a bronze, both coming from our China-import Zhang Guirong

We also manage to break three national records in the form of both men’s and women’s 4×100 relays and one individual record coming from the women’s 100m

Albeit the records and season-best from our athletes, it wasn’t enough for podium finishes as the other nations athletes was just better.

Thailand has been dominating the athletic scene in the region for the longest time ever and will do so for many years to come. Vietnam is becoming a sporting powerhouse within just a few short years and Malaysia always the underdog, still managed to haul a modest 7 gold medals, although falling short of their 10 gold medal target.

It’s disconcerting trend lately from the past SEA Games, and to know what it will be like in the next Games in Laos, as other nations become a force to be reckoned, while Singapore dropped back to become the minnows of athletics … as compared to our previous Golden era reign when the names such as Yeo Kian Chai, Kunalan or Chee Swee Lee was on the lips of everybody

You could say we could have some medal hopeful if we put Zhang Guirong in every possible field event slot she can muster, or James Wong not retiring, or the issues surrounding the women shotputter Du Xianhui abrupt departure resolved, or our women high jumper Michelle Sng untimely injury not get injured … but despite their absence or let’s say any other senior athletes who happened to pull-put, we don’t really have the capable athletes or juniors as replacement

When Robani Hassan, Malaysia’s men 110m hurdle top qualifier and favourite at the SEA Games was injured, he was replaced by a 19 year old junior. The junior went on to win the event in a new Games record. I’m sure in the wings of other nation’s senior athlete, there’s numerous juniors waiting and wanting to prove their capability

One of our problem is that, we’ve have only a small pool of dedicated veteran athletes, and talented juniors coming through the ranks. Yes we have the sports school and junior schemes, but once our senior athletes decides to retire, with not enough juniors groomed, we fell short of any hopeful challenge to be the region’s best.

The question is, need we only concentrate on schools for talent

How about the community and our very own local athletics clubs. This is something that the association should look at, to foster a better cooperation with the local community and clubs to bring out more from our current and potential athletes.

Considering our local athletics scene has currently one active track & field club, with one other club returning from a ‘suspension’ earlier this year, we have nothing much to brag about of our local athletics scene. There’s every need to worry why we’re not winning medals when our very own local sporting fraternity lack the ideal environment and support. Who are we to blame but ourselves, athletes, officials and coaches alike

I believe the standard of the our athletics scene reflects on its popularity. Some people on the streets don’t even know some of our national record holder and some has ghastly commented that they don’t event know SEA Games is currently being held when interviewed

There should also be more awareness to athletics as its fading in popularity. The lack of public relations work have resulted in the present circumstances. We should also instill a mindset in our athletes and the young that although SEA Games remain a great event, it is not the ultimate goal for athletes. Aim higher. Why not? Who knows, we might reach the bar one day

As for Team Singapore athletics, its time to reflect and improve the state of our local athletics scene. The association is likely be under fire from SNOC considering this is one of their ‘worst’ outing. No this is not a association or athlete bashing but it is indeed a ‘wake-up’ call

Team Singapore performance

  • Muthukumaran – 200m 22.10s (Didn’t qualify finals)
  • ZHANG Guirong – Women shotput 17.21m (Gold)
  • ZHANG Guirong – Women discus 45.73m (Bronze)
  • WAN Laychi – Women shotput 13.26m (Finished 4 out of 5)
  • WAN Laychi – Women shotput 45.45m (Finished 4 out of 7)
  • KHOO Kian Seong Kenneth – Men 400m 48.69s (Didn’t qualify finals)
  • SATHIYANESAN Shalindran – Men 400m (Did not finish)
  • RAJAMANICKAM Subaish – Men 800m 1:55.63 (Season best. Finished 7 out of 9)
  • CHOO Sze Min Amanda – Women 100m 12.12s (National record. Finished 6 out of 7 in finals)
  • SIAO MEI Ann – Women 100m 12.46s (Didn’t qualify finals)
  • POH Seng Song – Men 100m 10.68s (Season best. Finished 8 out of 8 in finals)
  • CHIA Chang Yi – Men shotput 13.34m (Finished 6 out of 7)
  • TSENG Ke chen, Stefan – Men Triple Jump 15.34m (Finished 7 out of 9)
  • Women’s 4×100m – 46.68s (National record. Finished 4 out of 5)
  • Men’s 4×100m – 40.10s (National record. Finished 4 out of 6)
  • Men’s 4×400m – 3:13.70 (Season best. Finished 5 out of 5)

Click here to view Team Singapore SEA Games 2007 Video

See you all in Laos 2009. Singapore Athletics signing off


Posted by Uncle Sha.
singapore athletics

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