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Q & A: Shin Splints
  • March 6th, 2005

Question: I am a secondary school sprinter. my training for the new season has started since september 2004. I start to feel pain in my shins about 2 weeks ago. could i know what are the possible reasons for this? we started to use a new track about 4 weeks ago. I also get back ache occasionally. does anyone know what to do? Thanks

We’ve Eugene Lee from Synergy Multi Sport answering all your queries about health, nutrition and fitness. Eugene has also been the key figure in the coordination of numerous sporting clinics and camps, holistic and sports seminars for young competitive endurance athletes as well as corporate participants. He provides his clients and participants with a positive and enjoyable, training and learning environment in assisting them to excel in their sport.

Ok, there are a few possibilities I can derive from here for your lower back ache:

1) Inadequate training

There was a sudden jump in progression despite the build up from September?As the speed of the runner increases, the amount of hyper extension forces to the lumbar spine and especially the facet joints in the back of the spine will increase. Therefore, novice runners or runners who are in less than optimal condition, should start at a slower pace = gradually buildup.

2) Lack of core strength – 90% of local athletes here have very weak core strength.

With regards to your shins, you probably have shin splints. Each shin absorbs a force equal to 2-3 times body weight with every footfall -The cumulative effect of this repetitive stress on the muscles and connective tissues in the shin area is believed to be the origin It occurs beacause ankle dorsiflexors – the shin muscles which, in effect, pull the top surface of the foot towards the shin and alsokeep the foot from being pulled away from the shin too rapidly – are not functioning as well as they should. Meaning your muscular development may not be equivalent to your gross output on the track. R-I-C-E in this case will only subside the pain, but when you commence training, it will probably reoccur. There are some exercises which can be performed to strengthen them.

Need help with these exercises? Its difficult to explain in words! Give me a couple of hours, I will type something out

Disclaimer: Fitness and health information presented on these pages is intended as an educational resource and is not intended as a substitute for proper medical advice. Consult your physician or health care professional before performing any of the exercises described on these pages or any exercise technique or regimen, particularly if you are pregnant or nursing, or if you are elderly or have chronic or recurring medical conditions. Discontinue any exercise that causes you pain or severe discomfort and consult a medical expert. Neither the author of the information nor the producer nor distributors of such information make any warranty of any kind in regard to the content of the information presented in this section


Posted by Uncle Sha.
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