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Countdown to SEA Games 2007. The race is on
  • August 9th, 2007


As of today, Singapore’s National Day 9th August 2007, we have 119 more days to go before the 24th SEA Games 2007 in Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand, which gets underway on 6-16th December 2007.

Which of our athletes have qualified for the SEA Games, and who are those still trying? We made a list and separate the list into various events, with our SEA Games qualifying mark included (Bronze standard) plus our prediction of a nomination by the association to SNOC to include them for the team based on their performances of selection criteria. Let’s take a look. This is just our estimated best guesses, so if I have missed out anyone, feel free to comment constructively

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100m Men
Qualifying mark: 10.57s
Qualified: None
Closest to the mark: 10.67s Shafiq Kashmiri , 10.68s Shameer Ayub
Likely to be nominated: 10.68s Shameer Ayub. Also recently a 100m time trial saw our national record holder UK Shyam clocking 10.79s. We hope to see him nominated

100m Women
Qualifying mark: 11.66s
Qualified: None
Closest to the mark: 12.30s Balpreet Purba, 12.37s Amanda Choo
Likely to be nominated: None. To even come close smelling the qualifying mark, our girls need to break the women’s 100m national record. We might see that in the future, with their timing dropping progressively yearly, just not this SEA Games year.

200m Men
Qualifying mark: 21.40s
Qualified: None
Closest to the mark: 21.52s Shafiq Kashmiri, 21.3 (HT) Kenneth Khoo, 21.6 (HT) Kumar
Likely to be nominated: None. Shafiq schooling term clashes with SEA Games. They might nominate Kenneth Khoo if his upcoming races he clock a good ET timing plus his other SEA Games events doesn’t clash

200m Women
Qualifying mark: 23.97s
Qualified: None
Closest to the mark: 25.79s Valeire Pereira
Likely to be nominated: None

400m Men
Qualifying mark: 47.25s
Qualified: None
Closest to the mark: 48.20s Shafiq Kashmiri, 48.20s Kenneth Khoo, 48.21s Kumar, 49.1 Poh Seng Song, 49.4 Alex Teng
Likely to be nominated: Kumar & Kenneth Khoo. Very likely these duo 400m specialist to be selected. They need more overseas races to hone their event

400m Women
Qualifying mark: 54.88s
Qualified: None
Closest to the mark: 58.68s Dipna Lim Prasad, 59.09 Valerie Seema , 60.63 (HT) Chua Aiping
Likely to be nominated: None. No capable senior women 400m runners with timing close to the mark. Our juniors are even faster than the senior runners. Maybe prepare these youngster for SEA Games 2013 Singapore perhaps

800m Men
Qualifying mark: 1:51.57
Qualified: None
Closest to the mark: 1:58.62 Subaish
Likely to be nominated: None. A dip in form by our sole top 800m runner, Subaish. The only Singapore runner to officially clock a sub-2min this year! Very bad

800m Women
Qualifying mark: 2:04.60
Qualified: None
Closest to the mark: 2:20.89 Chua Khai Leng, 2:23.24 Yvonne Lin
Likely to be nominated: None. Nobody comes close. The timing closest to the mark is by our secondary school runners in fact, that shows how bad it is the state of women’s middle distance in Singapore for the senior level

110m Hurdles Men
Qualifying mark: 14.22s
Qualified: None
Closest to the mark: 14.87s Abdul Hakeem, 15.00 Joel Wei
Likely to be nominated: Abdul Hakeem. Very talented. A person once commented, “Always deemed a promising athlete by the media, when will Hakeem be an established athlete”. We hope his transition of many coaches over the years have not halted his progress

4×100 Men
Qualifying mark: 40.59s
Qualified: None
Closest to the mark: 40.84s (Alfred, Seng Song, Amir, Shameer at Asian Grand Prix)
Likely to be nominated: Yes. The association never fail to sent them every SEA Games, but then again they qualified for every SEA Games previously. This SEA Games year however their qualification is still a question, but we’ve a feeling, Ralph (Association technical director) will strongly endorse them

4×100 Women
Qualifying mark: 46.01s
Qualified: None
Closest to the mark: 47.49s (Yan Lin, Amanda, Siao Mei, Ze Teng at Asian Grand Prix)
Likely to be nominated: No. They really need to go sub 47s to even make a credible nomination to the SNOC if endorsed by our association. Athlete for athlete, each of the quartet, need to run a sub-12s in the 100m for ground speed, and I don’t see their timing jump drastically this year. Our fastest 100m women this year in-fact is 12.3s only

4×400 Men
Qualifying mark: 3:15.95
Qualified: Yes. They clocked 3:14.29s at 17th Asian Athletics Championship. SAA they need more races! A training stint overseas would be good too. Malaysia have sent their teams attached to clubs in Europe, why not us

High Jump Women
Qualifying mark: 1.83m
Qualified: None
Closest to the mark: 1.70m Michelle Sng
Likely to be nominated: None. Michelle Sng need to find her good form that made her broke the national record at 1.79m in 2006. It might be due to an injury which might hamper her progress this year

Long Jump Men
Qualifying mark: 7.54m
Qualified: None
Closest to the mark: 7.32m Wang Kan, 6.95m Matthew Goh
Likely to be nominated: Wang Kan. The long jump national record of 7.34m is for his taking. In fact he did broke it this year but was not deemed legal, due to some complications at SWIFT Open

Triple Jump Men
Qualifying mark: 15.75m
Qualified: None
Closest to the mark: 15.28m Stefan Tseng Ke Chen, 14.42m Matthew Goh
Likely to be nominated: Stefan Tseng Ke Chen. This junior jumper is already a World Class athlete at his age-group. A SEA Games competition would just what he need to raise the bar and break his own mark, the triple jump national record

Pole Vault Men
Qualifying mark: 4.60m
Qualified: None
Closest to the mark: 4.15m James Ting
Likely to be nominated: None

Pole Vault Women
Qualifying mark: 3.60m
Qualified: None
Closest to the mark: 3.50m Rachel Yang Bing Jie
Likely to be nominated: Rachel Yang Bing Jie a recent silver medalist at 17th Asian Championship. Our only sole women pole vaulter in Singapore. I kid you not!

Shotput Men
Qualifying mark: 12.66m
Qualified: Yes, 13.31m by Chang Yi Chia

Shotput Women
Qualifying mark: 14.15m
Qualified: Yes, 15.99m Zhang Guirong at 17th Asian Athletics Championship. Her training partner, Du Xianhui is also a sure bet for nomination to SNOC even if she doesn’t meet the qualifying mark

Discus Women
Qualifying mark: 48.62m
Qualified: None
Closest to the mark: 46.51m Wan Lay Chi
Likely to be nominated: Wan Lay Chi. Her progression as a junior is staggering, let’s hope she’ll make her mark on the senor level

Our SEA Games qualifying standard compared to other countries, our athletes have a far easier task. For example, the MAAU, (Malaysian Amateur Athletics Union) sets their automatic SEA Games qualifying standard at the silver medal result achieved in the previous SEA Games. However for Team Singapore, we just need to beat or equal the bronze medal result to qualify.

Another criteria as set in the selection criteria, the athletes will be guaranteed a trip to Thailand if he/she meets within 2% performance of the SEA Standard. In detail do read this document for the complete selection criteria by our association, on within 2% performance.

Attached also is our qualifying mark set by our association for Singapore athlete vying for their ticket to Thailand, if you’re interested to know more of the various complete qualifying mark.

After pretty much half a season gone this athletics calendar, we only have a couple of athletes and teams who has qualified for the SEA Games, and we still have plenty of other athletes who are still trying. This is not an encouraging sign indeed.

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In total, there’s only a handful of competition left before Team Singapore selection committee finalize the team, that is two days after the Singapore Open. So many of our athlete, like the women’s and men’s 4x100m relays are indeed feeling the pressure for still not meeting the qualifying mark. We hope they will in the upcoming meets.

Likely competition left for our athletes sill vying (SAA sanction)
– World University Games (8-18 Aug)
– 3rd All Comers (Postponed until further notice)
– 4th All Comers (2 Sep)
– Singapore Open (8-9 Sep)

Still all is not lost, based on previous SEA Games, even if the athlete doesn’t make the qualifying mark, but if SAA and the NSA strongly recommend the athlete to SNOC for SEA Games squad, he or she will likely to be included, that is the athlete recent performance warrant such justification.

But as always every year such selection criteria has always manage to churn out some kind of controversy. Selection criteria based on merits, favoritism and such. Well we do hope this year, we won’t see such a drama.

We at Singapore Athletics will keep on reporting on the progress of our athletes. All the best to all our national athletes. Go for glory!


Posted by Uncle Sha.
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