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Register for Swift Open 2009
  • May 4th, 2009
Swift Athletics annual T&F is here

Swift Athletics annual T&F is here

Date : 6-7th June 2009 (Sat-Sun)

Time : Starts 0900 hrs till evening

Venue : SAA Centre of Excellence, Gombak Stadium

Registration/Schedule: [download#458#nohits] Downloaded [download#458#hits] times

Official Site: swiftaa.org.sg

Send in your registration by Monday, 18th May 2009


Day 1 Programme – 6th June 2009
Event No. Time Event Category Heat / Final

101 0900hrs 80m hurdles U10 Girls(68.0cm) Finals*
102 0910hrs 80m hurdles U11 Girls (68.0cm) Finals*
103 0920hrs 80m hurdles U10 Boys(68.0cm) Finals*
104 0930hrs 80m hurdles U12 Girls(76.0cm) Finals*
105 0940hrs 80m hurdles U13 Girls(76.0cm) Finals*
106 0950hrs 80m hurdles U11 Boys(76.0cm) Finals*
107 1000hrs 100m hurdles U12 Boys(76.0cm) Finals*
108 1010hrs 100m hurdles U13 Boys(84.0cm) Finals*
1030hrs P R I Z E P R E S E N T A T I O N

DAY 1 (AM session) – FIELD EVENTS
109 0900hrs Long Jump U10 Girls Final
110 0930hrs Long Jump U11 Girls Final
111 1000hrs Long Jump U12 Girls Final
112 1030hrs Long Jump U13 Girls Final
113 0900hrs Long Jump U10 Boys Final
114 0930hrs Long Jump U11 Boys Final
115 1000hrs Long Jump U12 Boys Final
116 1030hrs Long Jump U13 Boys Final
117 0900hrs Shot Put U10 Girls(2kg) Final
118 0915hrs Shot Put U11 Girls(2kg) Final
119 1000hrs Shot Put U12 Girls(3kg) Final
120 1030hrs Shot Put U13 Girls(3kg) Final
121 0900hrs Shot Put U10 Boys(2kg) Final
122 0930hrs Shot Put U11 Boys(2kg) Final
123 1000hrs Shot Put U12 Boys(3kg) Final
124 1030hrs Shot Put U13 Boys(3kg) Final

201 1400hrs 200m U10 Girls Finals*
202 1415hrs 200m U10 Boys Finals*
203 1430hrs 200m U11 Girls Finals*
204 1445hrs 200m U11 Boys Finals*
205 1500hrs 200m U12 Girls Finals*
206 1515hrs 200m U12 Boys Finals*
207 1530hrs 200m U13 Girls Finals*
208 1545hrs 200m U13 Boys Finals*
209 1600hrs 600m U10 Girls Finals*
210 1605hrs 600m U10 Boys Finals*
211 1610hrs 600m U11 Girls Finals*
212 1615hrs 600m U11 Boys Finals*
213 1620hrs 600m U12 Girls Finals*
214 1625hrs 600m U12 Boys Finals*
215 1630hrs 600m U13 Girls Finals*
216 1635hrs 600m U13 Boys Finals*
217 1645hrs 800m Men Open Finals*
218 1650hrs 800m Women Open Finals*
219 1700hrs 5000m Men Open Finals*
220 1700hrs 5000m Women Open Finals*
1645hrs P R I Z E P R E S E N T A T I O N

DAY 1 (PM session) – FIELD EVENTS
220 1400hrs Long Jump Women Open Final
221 1530hrs Long Jump Men Open Final
222 1400hrs Shot Put(4kg) Women Open Final
223 1530hrs Shot Put(7.26kg) Men Open Final
224 1400hrs High Jump Women Open Final
225 1530hrs High Jump Men Open Final
1630hrs P R I Z E P R E S E N T A T I O N

Day 2 Programme – 7th June 2009
Event No. Time Event Category Heat / Final

301 0900hrs 100m U10 Girls Heats
302 0910hrs 100m U10 Boys Heats
303 0920hrs 100m U11 Girls Heats
304 0930hrs 100m U11 Boys Heats
305 0940hrs 100m U12 Girls Heats
306 0955hrs 100m U12 Boys Heats
307 1010hrs 100m U13 Girls Heats
308 1025hrs 100m U13 Boys Heats
309 1040hrs 100m Men Open Heats
310 1055hrs 100m Women Open Heats
311 1100hrs 400m Men Open Finals
312 1110hrs 400m Women Open Finals

DAY 2 (AM session) – FIELD EVENTS
313 0900hrs Triple Jump Women Open Final
314 1000hrs Triple Jump Men Open Final
315 0900hrs Javelin(600gm) Women Open Final
316 1000hrs Javelin(800gm) Men Open Final
1100hrs P R I Z E P R E S E N T A T I O N

401 1300hrs 100m U10 Girls Final
402 1310hrs 100m U10 Boys Final
403 1320hrs 100m U11 Girls Final
404 1330hrs 100m U11 Boys Final
405 1340hrs 100m U12 Girls Final
406 1350hrs 100m U12 Boys Final
407 1400hrs 100m U13 Girls Final
408 1410hrs 100m U13 Girls Final
409 1420hrs 100m Men Open Final
410 1430hrs 100m Women Open Final

DAY 2 (PM session) – FIELD EVENTS
411 1330hrs Discus(1kg) Women Open Final
412 1500hrs Discus(2kg) Men Open Final
1100hrs P R I Z E P R E S E N T A T I O N
1450hrs SWIFT K I DS A T H L E T I C S -DASH

412 1500hrs 300m U10 Girls Finals
413 1510hrs 300m U10 Boys Finals
414 1515hrs 300m U11 Girls Finals
415 1520hrs 300m U11 Boys Finals
416 1525hrs 300m U12 Girls Finals
417 1530hrs 300m U12 Boys Finals
418 1535hrs 300m U13 Girls Finals
419 1540hrs 300m U13 Girls Finals
420 1550hrs 1600m Walks All Category Finals
421 1600hrs 4x100m relay U10 Girls Finals
422 1610hrs 4x100m relay U10 Boys Finals
433 1620hrs 4x100m relay U11 Girls Finals
434 1630hrs 4x100m relay U11 Boys Finals
435 1640hrs 4x100m relay U12 Girls Finals
436 1650hrs 4x100m relay U12 Boys Finals
437 1700hrs 4x100m relay U13 Girls Finals
438 1710hrs 4x100m relay U13 Girls Finals
439 1720hrs 4x100m relay Men Open Finals
440 1730hrs 4x100m relay Women Open Finals
1740hrs P R I Z E P R E S E N T A T I O N
1800hrs G R A N D L U C K Y D R A W


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