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Nike Human Race 2009
  • October 9th, 2009


Nike Human Race 2009 a

Event: The Nike Human Race 2009

Date: 24th October 2009

Distance: 10km

Sign Up: You can still join the virtual race by signing up at www.nikerunning.com.sg

The Day The World Runs

Come this October 24th, why not join the global initiative of sports enthusiast world wide that will be pounding the pavement for a good cause.

The ten kilometers run which can be ran anywhere anytime in the world is held to raise funds, plus it’s a means from hardcore athletes to weekend warrior to keep fit.

Some nearly one million participants took back when The Nike+ Human Race was launched back in 2008, and expect no less of a resounding success again for this year’s edition.

Join the million strong joggers around the world. Some 24 cities from various parts of the world will share one vision in their health and charitable quest for this year.

The Nike+ Human Race will be held in New York City to Los Angeles, Buenos Aires to Rome, and not forgetting Singapore.

How to join the run

Although the registration is over for the physical run, you can still join the run as the race is a virtual event too.

There are no venues to report to. You as the participant can run your 10K any where, any time on race day.

Sounds innovative? Well indeed it is. First off do register with Nike, after that sign up for the global 10K race.

To be part of the race you’ll need to get a Nike+ enabled gear. The gear you used for your run, which can be anywhere on the particular day, you can add your mileage kilometers alongside runners from all over the world.

With that you can fully know you’re making your contributions to the worldwide running celebration.

Nike+ Gear

Check out the cool Nike+ concept.

It actually pairs an Apple iPod with a special transmitter to keep track of your running progress.

From this data your can actually see your progress, and seek improvements with your runs. By monitoring your pace and distance, it is also a good motivator to keep on running.


For the Nike+ Human Race 2009, run your 10km anytime during the day then sync your run with your Nike+ gear.

When combined with yours and other Nike+ Human Race joggers running stats all over the world, it all adds up to a good global cause.

Participants who sign up for the virtual race will need to use a Nike+ Sport Kit or Nike+ SportBand to clock their runs and log in their miles on the www.nikeplus.com.sg.

Guys vs Girls Challenge

Nike Human Race 2009 b

Well the Singapore leg of the race also serves up an interesting challenge.

It’s the Guys vs Girl challenge.

Well support which ever gender you belong to. Who has the upper hand and wins? Well it’s really up to you and your running.

Local stars are roped in for the challenge. Rui En represents the ladies while MediaCorp Artiste Tay Ping Hui is leading the guys.

There’s still time to sign up and support this challenge.

  1. Register – Do login to the Nike+ website and sign up for the Guys vs. Girls Challenge.
  2. Run – Start clocking the mileage and contribute to your gender from 12 Sept – 24 Oct 2009. Do remember to sync your Nike+ online.

The winner for the challenge is the gender with the most miles!

The Nike+ Experience

Apart from taking part in the race after registering at Nike, do take advantage of the online training tools that the Nike website has.

You can’t be wrong in experiencing a much more in-depth and fulfilling workout when there are some 2 million runners worldwide who are part of the Nike+ community.

Nike since its beginning has become the mainstay in fitness culture and the reason behind our running revolution.

So be part of the Nike+ Human Race that will make history.

The Nike+ Human Race is open to anyone, anywhere in the world.


Posted by Uncle Sha.
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