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More results from Negeri Sembilan Open 2009
  • April 27th, 2009

Here are day two results from the very last day of Negeri Sembilan Open. There were some fine performance from our Team Singapore.

Stefan Tseng broke his old national record of 15.78m in the men’s triple jump to a new mark of 16.04m. He has finally broken the 16 meter barrier and is 3 cm short of the SEA Games qualifying selection criteria, but I reckon he’ll get the nod going to Laos.

Victoria JC alumni Lee Cheng Wei was second in the men’s 200m finals as he raced to 22.01 seconds timing. Malaysian Danial Azuan proved to be too fast off the block and showed greater speed endurance over the distance.

The men’s 4x400m team was lacking in competition as it was evident in their first placed win and 3:24.62 timing. That’s equivalent to our local ‘A’ boys division time and let’s hope they’ll be more races for them to hone their running.

Junior Wayne Yap if I’m not wrong have surpassed the old junior high jump mark. The previous national junior mark was held by M. Azahar Sapuan back in 1987 of 2.07m. Wayne 2.08m effort has erased the 22 year old record finally. Ronnie Cai of Singapore also managed a silver, ahead of Malaysian Low Ka Loon. Both successfully heighted 2.00m, but Ronnie won silver based on countbacks.

Men’s shotputter Chia Chang Yi settled for bronze in his event as his 13.04m effort was suffice for third placing but still way of the SEA Games qualifying mark of 15.62m.

Women 100m hurdles saw Dipna Lim Prasad managing to squeeze another medal from this competition. Fresh from her 400m hurdles silver medal yesterday, she finished in third for the 100m hurdles event in a time of 15.40 seconds.

It’s been a long time since Team Singapore fielded a womens’ 4x400m team. They did well on their overseas outing as they eclipsed the meet record with a new time of 3:56.70. That’s a pretty good time as a start.

In the women’s long jump, Nurul Janna Mohd Said, another of Singapore Sports School alumni gotten herself a silver with her 5.38m effort.

Please revert back to me if anything is amiss.

Men 110m hurdles

  1. Rayzam Shah Wan Sofian (MAAU) 14.51
  2. Isaufi Illias (For) 15.28
  3. Zhafran Mokhtar (Mal) 15.57.

Men 200m

  1. Danial Azuan Amar Nand (MAAU) 21.72
  2. Lee Cheng Wei (Sin) 22.01
  3. Mohd Azhar Ismail (Pah) 22.14.

Men 1,500m

  1. M. Vadivellan (MAAU) 4:02.25
  2. S. Parameswaran (Mal) 4:10.60
  3. U. Sivasilan (Nse) 4:25.78.

Men 3,000m steeplechase

  1. J. Karthik (Mal) 9:40.71
  2. P. Jenarathanan (Nse) 9:47.83
  3. P. Prabudass (Nse) 9:56.97.

Men 4x400m

  1. Singapore 3:24.62
  2. Pahang 3:25.28
  3. Johor 3:31.86.

Men Hammer

  1. Abdul Halim Yatim (Nse) 44.04m
  2. Noramin Salim (Nse) 28.29m
  3. Syafiq Abu Hassan (Nse) 27.54m.

Men High jump

  1. Wayne Yap (Sin) 2.08m
  2. Ronnie Cai (Sin) 2.00m
  3. Low Ka Loon (National back-up) 2.00m.

Men Shotput

  1. Adi Alifuddin Hussin (Ter) 16.11m
  2. Mohd Hafiz (National back-up) 13.23m
  3. Chia Chang Yi (Sin) 13.04m.

Men Triple jump

  1. Stefan Tseng (Sin) 16.04m (meet record)
  2. Mohd Hakimi (National back-up) 15.56m
  3. Ahmad Firdaus Salim (UPM) 15.26m.

Women 100m hurdles

  1. Azizah Ibrahim (Ter) 14.42
  2. Khoo Woan Chern (National back-up) 14.51
  3. Dipna Lim Prasad (Sin) 15.40.

Women 200m

  1. Nurul Sarah Abdul Kadir (MAAU) 25.30
  2. Yee Ye Ling (MAAU) 26.20
  3. Siti Nadia Mat Isa (Ked) 26.70.

Women 400m

  1. Norrohida Baidawi (UPM) 57.04
  2. Nurul Faizah Asma (National back-up) 58.04
  3. Nurul Assikin Mohd Rasid (Joh) 60.79.

Women 5,000m walk

  1. Norliana Mohd Rusni (National back-up) 27:51.33
  2. Lee Mei Thin (Nse) 28:41.06
  3. Siti Hanisah Shahruddin (National back-up) 28:41.85.

Women 4x400m

  1. Singapore 3:56.70 (meet record)
  2. Johor 4:18.34
  3. Terengganu 4:28.73.

Women Long jump

  1. Siti Zubaidah Adabi (National back-up) 5.77m
  2. Nurul Janna Mohd Said (Sin) 5.38m
  3. Cheah Yean Yean (Joh) 5.19m


Posted by Uncle Sha.
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