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Knee Pain
  • March 29th, 2008


Do read until the end, we have something special for you our readers

Melissa is a your typical Singapore running enthusiast, every day she jogged at least 1.5km. One day while running up a staircase, her knee began to hurt. To her it’s not like a surge of pain but more of a huge discomfort and this ‘discomfort’ itself has affected many of her running days lately. Although she love running and look forward to it, now she thinks twice knowing she will aggravate her knee injury once she run. And it’s this pain that has taken so much joy in her life and she’s clueless to remedy it

Well like Melissa, for many Singaporean runners, did you know that most common injury distance runner occurs at

  1. the knee (48%)
  2. the lower leg (20%)
  3. the foot (17%)

Singaporean runs plenty

Many Singaporeans love running as it’s the most accessible sport around as anyone and everyone are able to do it. However as much as this sport of passion benefits us in health terms, the injuries are also part and parcel of it, considering the miles of punishment runners does

The factors behind this kind of injury onset is due to overuse. About 30-40% of Singaporean who are recreational runner that trains consistently and participates in long distance races are likely to get such injuries on the knee and feet


In technical terms, stress fractures, strains, and tendinopathies from running accumulates over time and such damage outpace a person normal mechanisms of repair. That’s how running injuries occurs

Such overuse is at times can be influenced by a runner’s

  1. Stride in running
  2. Muscle strength imbalance
  3. Excessive foot pronation
  4. Muscle tightness
  5. Leg length discrepancies
  6. Sudden increases in training distance and intensity
  7. Hard running surface vs lack of shoe cushioning


You could try to rectify any of the above causes I’ve presented of course or you could use health products for knee pain that’s out there on the market

In Singapore, the best-selling pain relief used by most runners is Emuva’s Penetrating Deep Heat Cream


  • Provides soothiing, deep penetrating warmth for muscles, joint aches & pains, back aches and the symptoms of arthritis.
  • Fast Acting and Long Lasting – combines the penetrating anti-inflammatory effects
  • Excellent for Sports-related injuries, sprains, pulled tendons and bruising.
  • Can be used as daily maintenance for healthy joints

Win this Pain Relief Product

You’re in luck today as Estiva has agreed to sponsor the prize worth $40. You just need to answer the below simple question

Emuva’s Penetrating Deep Heat Cream is made from ___________

  1. Emu Oil
  2. Coconut Oil
  3. Olive Oil

Go to this page for hints (will open in new window)

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Posted by Uncle Sha.
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