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Q & A: Knee Pain
  • June 17th, 2005

Question: Hi all. Knee pain is perhaps one of the most common problem with runners. I’m not a serious runner, just running for fun leisurely. But is prone to knee pain as well for the past 2 years or so. But I’m a stubborn person who hate to see doctors/physio. No money to see one lah

There’s lotsa different kinds of knee pain and can be due to different kinds of factors. I’m not sure which one mine belong to but i suspect maybe it’s “patellofemoral pain”. Found this webby quite useful http://kneepaininfo.com. Though there’s lotsa other info on the net.

Sometimes, maybe it’s due to the type of running shoe or running technique is wrong? Is it possible to do a self test on myself or is there anyway I can check to see if my running posture/technique is wrong? (ok I’m really stubborn oops, trying to be doctor to myself) haha But really wana find out.

I realize whenever I’ve long runs or sports that use my knees a lot like repetitive usage, my knee hurts. But after sometime of rest, (depending on whether it’s serious) my knee feels ok again. But it gets more prone to knee pain lah. For now, i just stretch more and be more careful when i run or do any thing. Is it a NEED to really see doctor for advice?

There are loads of info and blah blah on the glucosamine sulphate when people have knee probs. I once heard from an instructor that everyone will have it (like knee or joint probs) just a matter of time and how serious it is. Hmm … and then this sales person selling glucosamine suplate cream was telling me that one can never recover fully if your knee cartilage is worn off, can only repair and prevent further damage. How true are those?

But guess, i just take it with a pinch of salt … But it’s really interesting to know more about your body so that you’ll be more aware ya:P Just what i feel … Comments?

We’ve Eugene Lee from Synergy Multi Sport answering all your queries about health, nutrition and fitness. Eugene has been the key figure in the coordination of numerous sporting clinics and camps, holistic and sports seminars for young competitive endurance athletes as well as corporate participants. He provides his clients and participants with a positive and enjoyable, training and learning environment in assisting them to excel in their sport

There are a few common problems to knee discomfort or pain. Here are some of them which I have experienced with semi-competitive level athletes.

1) Wrong shoes.

The biggest problems lie with the type of shoes. Many buy shoes because of the design or because their friends tell them its a good shoe. An example is the Asics DS Racer. Is everyone cut out to wear this racer built for the super efficient runner? People and lots of people buy it for this reason: lightweight. But 9/10 people in my opinion are nowhere near the ‘efficient runner’ category.

2) Bodyweight.

paired with the wrong shoes, excessive body weight can cause extra pounding on the knee joints, and intensify the injury a few folds. This doesn’t mean that running is a light man’s sport. But wear the appropriate shoes for your own health. I bring up this example again, that if you happen to be above 75kg, drop the lightweight racers. If you really have to wear racers, use lightweight trainers in place.

Bodyweight is very subjective in this context also. I have seen athletes over 75kg running a sub 2:50 marathon after a 180km bike. So don’t be put off by this sub-header.

3) Running surface.

Singapore unfortunately has limited running grounds. Apart from the reservoirs which provide good running trails, thats about it. If you are not a track person, you would probably hit the road. And the road is basically too hard for running. Worse still I would think most of us would not even run on the road itself, but on the concrete pavement. That makes everything worse.
Worst to Best – Pavement, Road, Track, Trail, Grass

4) Q-angle

the Q-angle is the relative angle between the hips ans the knees. Women are highly exposed to problems related to Q-angle. Their hip to knee ratios are too wide ideally for running. This causes additional stress on the knee joints. On the other hand men have a smaller Q-angle, and were ‘made’ to run.

5) Ignorance

Too much too soon of running may also bring about injuries. Many tend to run as and when they like. Worse still most of us are running too hard most of the time. This ignorance is accompanied with being stubborn to engage in adequate warm up and proper cool down and stretches. Its basically abusing yourself to the max.

6) Muscular imbalance and strength

Its time to drop your ego when someone tells you that you need to do more strength work for your legs. Believe me, most of us do. You may probably ask yourself, “I have been running and squatting for years! do i need additional strength?” Yes most of us have muscular imbalances. Our quads may be big and strong, yet your hamstrings may not be as strong compared to your quads. This causes an imbalance and makes you less efficient, and may result to injury. Think of it as being in balance, rather than to develop muscles for aesthetic reasons.

I hope this helps

Disclaimer: Fitness and health information presented on these pages is intended as an educational resource and is not intended as a substitute for proper medical advice. Consult your physician or health care professional before performing any of the exercises described on these pages or any exercise technique or regimen, particularly if you are pregnant or nursing, or if you are elderly or have chronic or recurring medical conditions. Discontinue any exercise that causes you pain or severe discomfort and consult a medical expert. Neither the author of the information nor the producer nor distributors of such information make any warranty of any kind in regard to the content of the information presented in this section


Posted by Uncle Sha.
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