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Giving Back
  • November 28th, 2009

Giving Back

I was reading BBC’s sports writer correspondent Ollie Williams blog entry, “Who wants to compete for a millionaire?” and it struck a nerve with me on a certain level.

The article basically is about how a certain well-to-do person is supporting the cause of young athletes, by sponsoring them in terms of monetary aspects, in returns for nothing.

Other than the fact the sponsor wants to be part of the young athlete sporting journey, there was no strings attached for such sponsorship.

On a local context, personally I was somewhat on the receiving end of such good patronage too.

Both indirectly and directly my former coach and athletics club was all supportive of me and the pool of athletes that was training with me at that point of time be it from jobs opportunities, entry fees, to travel, and equipment expenses.

And you know such good causes is still on-going.

  • If you’re a former athlete yourself, you’ll know how hard it is to juggle sports and studies when you’re young, it’s especially harder in Singapore where sports isn’t high on the priority list for most parents expectations …
  • Or perhaps you want to give back to the sporting fraternity that has nurtured you into the successful career person that you are now …
  • Or you’re just a well-wisher who wants to contribute to the local sporting scene …

Well do contact me with the below online form, and I’ll forward you to the right person, sources and foundation.

I do hope there will be some of you out there who will step forward and contribute, financially or your time perhaps in volunteerism, whatever that may be or however small the contribution, it doesn’t matter as it helps.

By doing so, it will motivate athletes to reach for their goals, and you’ll be part in the making of future sporting leaders one help at a time.

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Posted by Uncle Sha.
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