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85 percent of voters says “The Association Can Do Better”
  • November 1st, 2008


The verdict is out for “State Of Local Athletics” voting poll

A total of 73 votes were casted from October 3rd and tallied last today 1st November 2008.

No two same votes of the same I.P. was allowed.

62 voters or 85% of you voted for “The Association Can Do Better”
6 voters or 8% of you voted for “This entry is totally bias”
While 5 voters or 7% of you voted for “It has never been better”

There were 66 voters from Singapore
While 3 voters was from USA
With 2 voters from Australia
Plus 1 voter from UK
And 1 voter from Malaysia

Don’t worry, the above info are just general info, I don’t know your identity for those who voted. Even if I do, well I won’t disclose it here, that would be outright stupid. Thanks all for voting.

Interpreting the votes, 8% of you have issues either with the site or with me. It’s 1% more for those who thinks the association are doing enough. In denial perhaps these bunch of voters?

There was a strong outright sentiment for the 62 voters who think “The Association Can Do Better”

Of course where do we go from here?

Now we all know that most of you think, that our very own association are not doing enough. I’ve been told they do read this blog, so let your opinion and voices be heard.

For my part, I’ll forward and disseminate this information to anyone or media peeps I know.

Now for your part, those who have voted or didn’t participate, I want to hear from you, specifically on what areas our association can improve on. Please use the online contact form below or email

You can use nicknames or pseudonyms if you wish to if you want to remain anonymous. I just want to get exact feedback on making our local athletics scene vibrant and kicking again.

The feedback could be that you want more local meets/training camps, or perhaps allowing club or varsity teams to be allowed competing in Singapore Open again, or maybe more transparency with the financial aspects at SAA, with what and who the money goes to? How about bringing back Inter-Club competition perhaps? …

Well whatever feedback and opinion, after collating it, I’ll publish here and make known to all. That’s a promise :)


Posted by Uncle Sha.
singapore athletics

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