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4th All Comers 2009 Pre-Race
  • February 9th, 2009


Date : 4-5th April 2009 (Sat-Sun)

Time : 1400 hrs (First event starts)

Venue : SAA Centre of Excellence, Gombak Stadium

Registration/Schedule: [download#437#nohits] Downloaded [download#437#hits] times

Official Site: singaporeathletics.org.sg

Send in your registration by Wednesday, 25th March 2009

Schedule, Saturday 4th April

3.30pm – 109A Women Shot Put 4kg (>=7.00m)
2.00pm – 109B Women Shot Put 4kg (<7.00m) 2.00pm – 110A Men Long Jump (>6.00)
3.30pm – 110B Men Long Jump (<6.00) 2.00pm – 111A Men Discus 1.75kg (> 30.00)
2.00pm – 111B Men Discus 1.75kg (<= 30.00) 3.00pm – 112A Men Discus 1.50kg (> 30.00)
3.00pm – 112B Men Discus 1.50kg (<= 30.00) 4.15pm – 113A Men Discus 1.00kg (> 30.00)
4.15pm – 113B Men Discus 1.00kg (<= 30.00) 5.15pm – 114A Men Discus 2.00kg (> 30.00)
5.15pm – 114B Men Discus 2.00kg (<= 30.00) 2.00pm – 101W Women 200m (<27.0s) 2.10pm – 101M Men 200m (<23.5s) 2.20pm – 102W Women 200m (27.0-28.0s)
2.30pm – 102M Men 200m (23.5-24.5s)
2.40pm – 103W Women 200m (28.0-29.0s)
2.50pm – 103M Men 200m (24.5-25.5s)
3.00pm – 104W Women 200m (29.0-30.0s)
3.10pm – 104M Men 200m (25.5-26.5s)
3.20pm – 105W Women 200m (30.0-31.0s)
3.30pm – 105M Men 200m (26.5-27.5s)
3.40pm – 106W Women 200m (>31.0s)
3.50pm – 106M Men 200m (>27.5s)

4.00pm – 107W Women 2,000m Walk
4.20pm – 107M Men 2,000m Walk
4.40pm – 108W Women 3,000m
5.10pm – 108M Men 3,000m

Schedule, Sunday 5th April

2.00pm – 201 Women 400mH (0.762m)
2.30pm – 203 Men 400mH (0.914m)
2.15pm – 202 Men 400mH (0.840m)

2.45pm – 204W Women 800m (<2:35.0s) 2.55pm – 204M Men 800m (<2:10.0s) 3.05pm – 205W Women 800m (2:35.0-2:45.0s)
3.20pm – 205M Men 800m (2:10.0-2:20.0s)
3.35pm – 206W Women 800m (2:45.0-3:00.0s)
3.50pm – 206M Men 800m (2:20.0-2:35.0s)
4.05pm – 207W Women 800m (>3:00.0s)
4.20pm – 207M Men 800m (>2:35.0s)

4.35pm – 208 Men/ Women 5,000m


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singapore athletics

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