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2nd All Comers 2007
  • May 28th, 2007


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2nd AllComers that was held yesterday produced a number of notable performances. In fact, the field event took centre stage upstaging the more popular track races, with fine performances, such as the Discus event.

A hefty 50.16m throw by Wei Gen Scott Wong of Hwa Chong Institution, smashing his previous best this year by some 8meters and left his other competitors trailing way behind. It’s the first throw beyond 50meter by a local this year.

Also in the javelin, a junior, Jiun Lin Tay upstaged the seniors in the event when he threw a personal best of 52.14m. Also a first 50meter plus throw by a local this year in the javelin.

In the track event, we saw the first sub 2minute run in the 800m by Subaish of Flash Athletics club. Also our young junior women sprinters are progressing well with sub 13seconds timings, but it seems some of the faster juniors sprinters are denied in the senior relay squad. Shouldn’t the fastest four be picked? Isn’t how that works in relays selection. Well maybe not in Singapore.

The men’s 400m event got the crowd excited and entertained as our top duo 400m sprinter Kenneth Khoo and Muthukumaran went ‘head to head’ with Kenneth finished with the closest of margin, a 0.01s ahead of Muthukumaran. They ran 48.20s & 48.21s respectively.

Also we saw the first disqualification of the year in the 100m race. There was frequent false start among the heats and the disqualification really set the motion for plenty of slow times that day. There was only one sub-11 seconds run by our national sprinter Poh Seng Song (10.99s). The athletes were being cautious perhaps.

This reporter talked to some of the athletes who was there about the false starts,

An athlete commented“The starter took too long in the SEDIA. Nobody can hold that long in that position. You don’t see it in just one heat, it was more than 2 heats with false starts. It wasn’t the usual starter, someone new”

As for the disqualification, there was plenty of comments going around,

Another source mentioned“You’re not helping your own athlete. Yes we have to heed IAAF standard & ruling but it’s just a local race. There’s no prize money nor medals at stake but just timing. That important essential timing & points system to qualify for SEA Games. What does a disqualification mean? Another 1-2 month setback for the next race to get that timing. It might cost your place in the SEA Games squad. Just let the athlete run but deny him the points”

Some might say in the first place it’s a wrong call by the officials, but still even after you’re disqualified, there shouldn’t be any unsportsmanlike outbursts. The incident stemmed from a controversial false-start rule. Under international rules, only one false start by any athlete in the field is allowed. After the first runner jumps the gun, the next athlete to prematurely flinch or burst out of the gates is disqualified. Under previous rules, each athlete was allowed two false starts before being disqualified from a race.

Yes it might mean losing an opportunity to pursue a dream, having need to walk away from what an athlete worked for the whole year but such tirade acts will only bring disrepute to athletics. I mean in athletics, it’s a high pressure individual sports, which are the pinnacle of the competition and that’s what draws us to these sports. But athletes should have known better on how to handle such situations. Also it doesn’t give set a good example for the plenty of young junior athletes and leave a distaste impression on the numerous spectators who are viewing the spectacle. Yes it’s human drama but keep it in check.

The 2nd AllComers 2007 event held yesterday has served as a warm-up for many of the school athletes who are gauging their upcoming performances during National Schools in coming weeks and also for the senior athletes to prove themselves who are vying for a spot at the 2007 SEA Games squad. Overall a good performances all around to all the athletes

Notable Performances

100m Women – Choo, Sze-Min Ama Ntu 12.54
200m Women – Pereira, Valeire See Aut 25.79
400m Men – Khoo, Kenneth Unattached 48.20
400m Men – R, Muthukumaran Fac 48.21
800m Men – R, Subaish Fac 1:58.62
2000m Walk Men – Sim, Edmund Swift 9:46.71
10KM Men – Silva, M.P.Prasha Ntu 37:11.44
Javelin Men – Tay, Jiun Lin Unattached 52.14m
Triple Jump Men – Tseng, Ke Chen Stefan Singapore Sports Sch 15.09m
Discus Men – Wong, Wei Gen Scott Hwa Chong Inst (College) 50.16m


Posted by Uncle Sha.
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