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Wang Kan
  • May 26th, 2008


At the recent 3rd All Comers, Wang Kan of Wings Athletics Club broke Ng Yee Ming’s mens long jump record, which has nearly stood for the past 26 years. The old mark of 7.34 meters was replaced by a new record which now stands at 7.41 meters. It could have been further than that in fact, but Wang Kan’s 7.50 meter plus jumps that day, ran afoul by a centimeter or two during the run-up

This national servicemen is a versatile athlete, a long jumper, triple jumper and a not-too bad sprinter too; he in fact broke the 4x100m national junior with Raffles Junior College back in 2005 during the nationals school.

I truly believe his success is attributed mainly to the support of his parents; his mother was once his coach. Wang Kan has scaled new heights after joining a new training group and under the coaching and guidance of Dr Valeri of Singapore Sports School, who has been responsible for improving the local jumping scene by leaps and bounds

We managed to talk to Wang Kan and he shares on his record breaking jump. Read on …

Name: Wang Kan

Height: 1.84m

Weight: 71kg

Date of Birth: 07-1987

Coach: Dr. Valeri

Personal Best: Long Jump: 7.41m, Triple Jump: 14.55m

Previous Interview: 2005 article

  1. Tell us your preparation running up to the all-comers

    Plenty of sleep and computer games to relax the night before.

  2. Care to share your record breaking jump. From what goes on in your mind, to the steps leading up to the jump and after finding out it was a new record.

    The same things go through my mind before every jump, I will try to picture the whole jump in my mind before I set off. I think normally what makes the difference are things like level of confidence and wind speed. Actually, the jump before my record breaking jump was more crucial.

    My run-up was good and I did 7.31m for this jump without even hitting the board. This greatly boosted my confidence. Thus, for the record breaking jump, with confidence, belief and a good run-up, it came.

    After finding out, I think it was more of a huge relief than just joy. I had been aiming for this record since 2005 and many obstacles along the way have postponed this moment again and again.

    Wang Kan and his mother

  3. Any problems encountered during the event, jump or officiating? Like your previous Swift Open 2007, where your record jump was deemed a ‘no-jump’, I believed the wind-gauge wasn’t in operation

    I’m really glad that there were no problems at all this time. Competition started on time and everything was in place.

  4. Did you expect the record to ‘go down’ on 3rd all comers

    I was having problems with my run-up since the start of the year. Thus, when my run-up goes right, I will have an excellent chance at the record (which I’m glad it went right this time). Actually, before this, I had a couple of jumps more than 7.50m, just to foul by a mere 1-2 cm. Thus, I was always confident that sooner or later, the record/breakthrough will come.

  5. How did you celebrate

    Had a great dinner with my parents. (They are really supportive of me in my pursuit in athletics)

    Wang Kan in file, filmed last year

  6. You recently went to Thai Open, do you think it helped you to get into form? One national record breaker told me, that the year he kept on competing at high-level, that it helped him broke the national record. In your case however, do you have similar views, is there a lack of local quality competition to help a top elite national athlete to progress and reach new mark

    Yes, it has helped greatly and I am thankful that Wings has given me this opportunity. I think he is absolutely right in saying that high-level competitions will eventually help to grind out results. I have competed 4 times in 6 weeks prior to this and I just gained momentum along the way. I think the local competition system is a lot better this year with record attendance for the all-comers meets. To reach new mark, intense competition is necessary. If we cannot find intense competition in local competitions for a top national athlete, regional/international competitions will be crucial in helping the athlete to progress and to reach new marks.

  7. The record is yours, so what’s next for you

    Continue to enjoy jumping and to improve further.

  8. You’re a competent triple jumper yourself. Maybe a shot at this record perhaps next?

    Haha, I haven’t done any triple jump training/competition since National Schools back in July, 2006, so I am really out of touch right now. But definitely, I will be trying out for fun next year when I have more time after I’m out of national service.

    His mother on the left, always present for support

  9. Recently a junior mark was made by Matthew Goh of Sports School, and we’ve talents coming through the youth scheme, it seems local jumping scene is abuzz. Can you tell us the insight of the local long jump scene. Do think long jump event has the necessary coverage, exposure or support. What else can be improved to help the progress of long jump in Singapore

    I train together with the Sports School jumpers and they are really doing excellent distances for their age. The local long jump standard has been improving and I believe the trend will continue. I think there is enough coverage, exposure or support, but definitely, the more the better. Actually, with good performances from athletes come coverage and support. Therefore, we athletes should do our part of putting in our own share of passion, efforts and producing results too. More exposure to regional and international competitions will definitely help the progress of long jump in Singapore.

  10. Will you still be around for next year 2009 SEA Games?

    I will be in America for my university education. And of course, I need to quality first haha.

  11. Olympics Beijing is coming up. Supporting any athlete perhaps. Your guess for gold in long jump?

    Liu Xiang of course! And Irving Saladino for the gold.

Wang Kan is Harvard bound after completing his national service, and we wish him all the best


Posted by Uncle Sha.
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