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Post SEA Games Interview – Wan Lay Chi, “I have fought hard and given my best”
  • December 30th, 2009

After the insightful interview with sprinter Md. Jamal Amirudin a few days back, today it is another spotlight on another athlete.

We now feature women’s national discus thrower, Wan Lay Chi, who shares her experiences in Laos, and her plans for the future.

Photos courtesy of Wan Lay Chi.

Wan Lay Chi

Wan Lay Chi with her SEA Games debut in Laos

Wan Lay Chi with her SEA Games debut in Laos

Gender: Female

D.O.B: 12/Sep/1988

Affiliation: Wings Athletics Club, Nanyang Poly

Coach: Self-coached

Post SEA Games result: Discus 46.09m, 4th

So the SEA Games is over, what are you doing currently.

Currently, I am having two weeks break to catch up with my school work, and a bit of reflection and plan for the next year competition.

Going into the SEA Games Laos what was your goal and expectation.

Honestly, I was expecting to fight for a medal. I was disappointed at that point of time with how it turned out. But looking at the bright side, the next SEA games qualifying mark definitely motivates me to improve on my performance.

What was the normal daily routine when you were at Laos.

Eat, training, rest, sleep, and do some self-talk as motivation and visualization before my event. Other than that, in-between the free time I will watch some shows with my roommate or play some games.

How was your SEA Games village experience?

My stay there was okay. Everything was just alright.

Share with us your competition experience.

Wan Lay Chi attempts another throw, in her discus event

Wan Lay Chi attempts another throw, in her discus event

My competition experience was great. Everyone was doing great, fighting hard and giving the best they could. It was great.

Unfortunately, I do not have a coach and I train on my own, but previously early of the first half year I was training under Uncle James (National discus thrower James Wong) who has helped me plenty.

And I would like to thank him for that as I have learned a lot from him, and to me he is very inspiring, for someone who is still new to the sport.

I may not do what was expected or get any medal, but I know that I have fought hard and given my best.

If you were to relive your SEA Games in Laos once again, is there anything you would do differently? Or do you think you’ve done humanly everything possible in your capacity.

I never look back. I may however reflect on my performances, so as to improve myself, having a new goal in mind and plan for it.

And no matter what my decision is previously on the field, I believe I have my reason for that, and there is always a solution to such a problem.

The recent SEA Games however has become a revelation to me, the experience somehow woke me up to a realization that it is not possible to have a break-through without a coach.

Who are some of the coaches and individuals who has helped you through the years.

I am currently not training under anyone for the record.

Wan Lay Chi seen here with coach Choo Chee Kiong

Wan Lay Chi seen here with coach Choo Chee Kiong

Mr. Choo Chee Kiong was my PE teacher during my secondary school day. He is the one that introduce me in this sport and excelled me from then. I am glad that I’ve met him. He is like a father to us throwers now.

Coaches that have trained me includes Mr Choo and Uncle James, both whom did seek any payment for their coaching services.

James Wong helped to coach Wan Lay Chi in the first half of the year

James Wong helped to coach Wan Lay Chi in the first half of the year

And most of my supports come from the coaches themselves, there’s Mr Thang who has helped me, family members, Wings Club and Mr Guru of Nanyang Poly, who is my adviser.

All of them has helped me the most in my both my training and studies.

Tell us of your own sacrifices. What do you think you’re missing out, being a full-time student and juggling with training/sports. Do you even feel that you’re missing out on anything, or the sports itself is your own self-gratification.

I spend a lot of time in training, and I eat plenty for supplementation. I might have less time for myself and friends and family but through this sport I learned how to manage my time, making many new friends and self-development.

What motivates me most to keep myself going always is the support from my friends, teachers and family.

During competition period, on a weekly basis how often do you train. Share with us some of the stuff you do during training.

During the competition period on average I train around 10 sessions per week, which includes throwing, weights, short sprints (20-30m), reactive/hurdles jumps, drills and throwing of medicine ball.

What are your plans for the next season.

I’m still planning for the next season, but hopefully my ultimate aim is to break the national discus record.

Goals and expectations for the next SEA Games 2011 in Indonesia? Will you still be throwing then?

Yes I will still be throwing. Goals and expectations for 2011 SEA Games is to bring a medal back.

If there anything in your current pursuit for gold that needs changes or more support.

Financial support or having sponsors would be of great help. I look forward to any training camp hopefully for my sport. Other than that my school, Nanyang Polytechnic, has been very supportive.

What do you think can be done to improve the state of local athletics.

I think that the coaches and SAA have to work together.

For example all throws coach will have a meeting with the head-coach to discuss on what the sport really needs, and from there the head-coach will then evaluate and decide, agreeing on a general training plan and goals for the year.

This is what I think how it should be done.

Thank you Wan Lay Chi for your participation.

Please contact me using the below form if there’s any individual or corporate entity who wishes sponsor and be part of Wan Lay Chi sporting journey.

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Posted by Uncle Sha.
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