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Valerie Seema Pereira
  • December 20th, 2005

Valerie Seema Pereira

Lots has been said and mentioned in the media about Valarie Pereira, Singapore’s youngest and brightest female hopeful in the women’s sprint. She has been labeled aplenty, touted as the next 90’s sprint queen Mona Kunalan to capable of emulating the feats of former 400m women’s champion Chee Swee Lee. Well now, we bring you our very own interview with the darling of Singapore Track. Hear what she has to say

Height: 164.2m

Weight: 50.2kg

Date of Birth: 02/02/1990

Coach: Mr Rainer Paul

Personal Best: 200m, 25.60s, 400m, 58.03s

  1. You’re one of Singapore’s brightest hopeful in the sprints. The articles, the media, the publicity, etc. How do you handle such a enormous pressure and expectation? Do you have any fear of letting people down?

    I believe in taking everything one step at a time, i do not think of the pressure or expectation but more of putting my best effort. Yes, usually it is the fear of letting my team, family or coach down.

  2. How has your family guide you through the years. Tell us of the scarifies they have to make so as your dreams is fulfilled

    They have supported me at all of my competitions, whether here or overseas. Taking time off work to come down and watch my races.

  3. Who do you look up to as a role model

    No one really at the moment.

  4. How has Sports School mould you into the athlete you are now

    It has made me more independent and disciplined and more passionate for my sport.

  5. What are your future plans and long term goals? Are these your goals or was this set by your coach. Do you share the same ideals as your coach?

    To go for more international competitions and be more exposed to the standards overseas. Goals are usually set together with my coach or by myself, what we feel and know i can achieve.

  6. Tell us of the coaches at Sports School. We want to know about them. Or do you have just one coach?

    The coaches are understanding, caring, intelligent, believing and professional.

  7. Tell us how you get hooked or spotted in sprinting. Why do you prefer Track over any other sports. Do you do other sports previously?

    I was always into track, never did any other sports. Tried out for my primary school team when i was primary four,and it was fun and i liked it my brother was in track at that time as well so i thought i should try out as well.

  8. What’s your training daily routine like? … an example perhaps.

    Warm up, the workout and then gym.

  9. How does other aspects of training fit into your studies. Does it affect your concentration in class after a days of training? Is there any timetable you must abide? Are you a hard or smart student? How do you balance studies and track

    It does not affect my concentration as i am used to schedule/time table now. Balancing studies and track right now is not very difficult as being in the sports school and the timetable we follow it really help. However, i feel that time management is very important.

  10. What is your favorite subject now in school. Hows the homework there or is it project based?

    My favorite would be English, social studies and geog. We get homework like mainstream school, and occasional projects.

  11. What goes through your mind every time you run

    As my events are sprints, usually nothing goes through my mind, however if i am tired or giving up, i would psych myself up with positive thoughts.

  12. Any advice for young junior runners trying out athletics

    Live with compassion and dreams and always believe in yourself.

Thank you Valerie for your participation


Posted by Uncle Sha.
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