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Tang Yue Han
  • January 15th, 2004

Tang Yue Han

Tang Yue Han is JC1 student at ACJC cum Singapore junior sprint star. Not only he has speed but also finesse. Tang Yue Han recently came back from World Youth Championship in Canada and I decide to catch up with him to find out more about him.

Coach: Han Zhong Jian

School: ACJC JC1 Science

Personal Best: 100m (11.04)

Career Highlights: South zone/National colours ACS OBA President’s award (outstanding performance in Track and Field)

  1. How did you get started with Track n Field?

    Tang Yue Han: I started out in primary 4, but I didn’t qualify for the finals in nationals. Then i relocated to Hongkong for 4 years, where I won 3rd (1997) and 2th (1998) for 100m in national schools in Hongkong. I stopped for 2 years, then returned to Singapore where I started serious training at sec 2/3

  2. Other than track what else do you do?

    Tang Yue Han: I like to play pool, jam on guitar, reading, keeping marine aquariums

  3. Per day, what is your typical daily life routine like?

    Tang Yue Han: School, train, rest, study

  4. Tell abit about your family, any support from them?

    Tang Yue Han: Yes, quite a bit. My parents are supportive, always watching my races and helping in every bit they can

  5. Your career highlight .. the most memorable run? Tell us

    Tang Yue Han: It would be the National Juniors 2002 where i won the 100m winning gold. It was a break through

  6. Ultimate long term goal?

    Tang Yue Han: To qualify and compete at world class meets/events

  7. Goal for this year?

    Tang Yue Han: To improve on my PB

  8. How do you prepare before a meet?

    Tang Yue Han: 45 mins before warming, I would listen to good a Christian music while visualizing the entire meet (for example from warm up to reporting to race to after). I would then do a short prayer before warm up

  9. Your thoughts before, during and after a run?

    Tang Yue Han: Before Race – To focus on race at hand .. During Race – Stay focused .. After Race – Thanking God, relax

  10. During training, per week what is your routine like? for example per day how many time & how many hours, etc?

    Tang Yue Han: 5 times a week, about 2 hours

  11. Do you do most of your training alone or as part of a group or does it vary by discipline?

    Tang Yue Han: I train with my coach in ACS(I), hence it depends. During National School season, there’ll be ACS(I) trackers to train with me, which is excellent. After their season or for a trainings, I would train alone with coach Han

  12. Do you have any interest in coaching or other involvement in sport after you stop competing?

    Tang Yue Han: Perhaps being a sports doctor

  13. Do you feel that Singapore provides sufficient support for athletes

    Tang Yue Han: It’s progressing by the day

  14. How long do you intend to compete at the top level?

    Tang Yue Han: Till my 30’s

  15. Any injury plaguing you before?

    Tang Yue Han: Hamstring, which hampered most of my 2003 season and 2002 nationals

  16. Do you take care of your nutrition?

    Tang Yue Han: Haha, not really. I eat what i want, when i want

  17. If any one person or group has inspired or motivate you excel and continue track, who is he/she and what has he/she done?

    Tang Yue Han: Nope

  18. Who is your idol .. any athlete you look up to?

    Tang Yue Han: Ato Boldon, most definitely

  19. Any advise for young athlete venturing into track/field?

    Tang Yue Han: Stay focused, disciplined and persevere. When there’s a will there is a way.You may not make it now, but you will if you keep on trying

  20. Any last comments or quotations?

    Tang Yue Han: “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” .. philippians 4:13

Tang Yue Han is one of the few junior elite athletes that possess admirable talent. Watch out for him in the coming years


Posted by Uncle Sha.
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