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Subaish Rajamanickam
  • December 25th, 2005


We previously interviewed Subaish in 2003, an up and coming junior within the ranks then. Now he has scaled greater heights 2 years on, with a personal best at this year’s Singapore Open clocking 1:54. We catch-up with Subaish, who is now serving National Service

Height: 1.78m

Weight: 61Kg

Coach: Mr S.Pandian

  1. Are you studying now or working?

    In NS. ORD next year march

  2. How does juggling with your current situation plus the training affects you? Are you able to cope?

    My camp and superiors have been very kind and supportive towards my running ambitions thus allowing me time off to train. I have been able to cope well.

  3. Chamkaur Singh was recently interviewed as saying “training should be part of your lifestyle, and not a chore”. What is your point of view on this?

    I strongly agree that training should be part of any athlete’s lifestyle. It is what he/she wants to do.

  4. Is training and sacrifices made for our sport is just for glory & fame? What is running to you?

    I would lying if I said I wasn’t running for the glory & fame. The glory & fame are the extras but what I’m really running for is the accomplishment as well as a better future for me and my family.

  5. Do you feel with your recent fine run at Singapore Open of 1:54, should SNOC review your SEA Games entry? You have achieved SAA recommended timing to SNOC of 1:54. It’s not far from 2003 3rd place timing of 1:52.50

    I’m not complaining. For me, it’s simple I didn’t meet the 1:52.50 mark. I don’t want to beg anybody for anything. If I had met the 1:52.50 then it’s totally different thing BUT I DID NOT. So no hard feelings just try even harder and better for the next one.

  6. So what’s next for you this season. Off-season now right? And what’s in store for you next year? New goals perhaps? Do share with us

    Yes, Off-Season. A little bit of rest, then getting back to X-Country training. Should be featuring in most of the X-Country races next year. I should be running 1500m next year as well and I badly need to improve on my 400m.

  7. What do you think has been the factor(s) that helped you dip your personal best few times this year?

    Full time training and my coach Mr S.Pandian of course.

  8. What is your current ‘weakness’ or lack in your training or running that you should focus on more Intensity.

    My training programme lacks intensity. This, my coach and I has identified and will be working on the coming year.

  9. Who are the people who has helped you to get where you are now? What are the sacrifices and contribution did they make?

    There are a few people. My chief Col Yeo. My former CO LTC Ang, My former S1 Capt Richard, My Former OCs Capt Toh and Jeremy as well as my current OC and CO. My CSM WO2 Lee. All of whom made my attachout possible. William Lim from SAA who always was there to help me with my paperwork. Former SAA Middle and Long Coach Mr James Mayo. Former runner Ganeshan for coming to my camp. My 3rd company camp mates who were always supportive.

  10. I’m sure fellow athletes would like to know what kind and type of training do you do let’s say per week during competition season. How about off-season what kind of trainings do you do

    Well I train everyday almost twice a day everyday. Morning long runs, afternoon either weights or track. Tuesdays and Thursdays are weights. Mondays I do Speed. Wednesdays and Fridays Endurance. Saturday Mornings are long runs Sundays are rest or race. About 3 weeks before important competitions like Singapore Open I do more intensive pace judgement workouts. Off Season is more over distance training.

  11. The middle distance running has seen a revivial recently with potential athletes emerging such as Nabil, Madan, Meng Keng, Nathaniel, ageless Elangovan, Chamkaur who is overseas and few others, what do you could be improved on getting more quality athletes from the junior ranks .. or what could be done to get more support for this middle distance events in general

    Well its great to have so many promising middle distance runners. 800m this year has seen many Sub 2 runners which is great if only there was a 4*800m event in SEA Games.

    When it comes to support it’s a very tricky issue. Lets admit it we live in a performance and result-orientated world. “No result, no talk” This may seem harsh but its reality. It’s nobody’s fault. If you don’t like it, quit. No body is begging you to do it. Result=Support Thus my advice would be, do it for your own satisfaction and sense of achievement don’t expect support unless you deserve it with the backing of your results. Then no one can deny you or question the support given. Without result how is it support justifiable? Just because the athlete is talented? So if you provide this athlete with support because you feel he is talented than what about the rest. The rest are not talented? Cannot be right? That’s subjective. The bottom line is ask for support when you have the results. (*That’s how I feel*)

Thank you Subaish for your participation


Posted by Uncle Sha.
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