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Stefan Tseng
  • October 30th, 2005

Stefan Tseng

He’s touted as one of the most promising youngster to win an Asian medal in the coming years. This Singapore Sports School student athlete has taken some time to answer a few of our questions.

Height: 177

Weight: 70

Date of Birth: 4th Feb 1990

Coach: Dr.Valeri Obidko

Personal Best: 14.73m Triple jump. 6.72m Long jump

  1. You’ve been touted as the next big-thing in the local scene in triple jump. One of the few local athletes that has jump beyond the 14meter mark. Being so young, how do you handle the expectations of the nation who wants more. How do you handle pressure

    I never really thought of the whole nation really pressurizing me in doing well. Hahaha but i usually jump for myself honestly.

  2. Tell us your background in sports and did you get started in Track/Field

    Well, i got started in Track n Field when i was primary 5, Sergit Singh brought me into track. But at the same time i was doing Soccer too. I didn’t start triple jump till i was primary 6. I was doing long jump and 100m in primary 5

  3. You competed in many international overseas meets such as 2005 IAAF World Youth Championships, etc. How does it feel to represent Singapore and tell us of the experience overseas. Any memorable moments?

    It was amazing. Haha. It was my first real international competition. I was somehow not nervous but was not confident at all. The other competitos were huge! haha i felt so small even though they were at most 2 years older. But I guess i felt proud of wearing the Singapore jersey and competing, made me feel really proud of being a Singaporean. What i remembered most from World Youth was during the opening ceremony when these young kids were carrying all the country’s flags in. I was looking for our flag when suddenly this kid brought in an upside down Singapore flag! haha

  4. Share with us your training schedule. Does it clash with your studies. Given a choice in Singapore to choose, which would you excel on. Your triple jump or studies?

    Being in the Sports School has helped balance both my training and studies so i don’t really have a problem. I train everyday, morning and afternoon and sometimes on saturdays at Gombak. Well i would like to excel in triple jump but being in Singapore is quite hard to excel in sports.

  5. People around us such as family, coaches and teammates are important to an athlete as they’re a source of motivitation and encouragement. Any few people in particular who has made an impact on your life

    I would say my family, coaches AND teammates. Haha.. Almost everyone supported me at the World Youth, although they were not physically there but i know they were supporting me. My parent were actually at the World Youth so they supported me right there.

  6. Your triple jump event doesn’t have the fair share of publicity as with the other events such as sprints. What do you think can be done more to make it a more ‘viable’ so as more new & old athletes to try triple jump

    Well, they could try putting jumping pits right at the front of the spectators stand, or the announcers could give special announcements that this person is jumping and so on. yeah.

  7. Sports School is where you’re from now. Hows life and studies over there. Share with us any ‘lighter’ or memorable moments there

    Life is great haha and studies are so much easier for me now. I think the school has done a lot to make us student athletes want to learn by making lessons fun and interesting. And i believe that all the time i’ve spent in Sports School is memorable.

  8. Being a trained athlete all this while, what’s the single most important advise give to you by anyone that really sticks with you. Tell us why and what is it

    I believe it is confidence. Without confidence, you’re no where. If you lack the confidence you’re not going to go far. If u believe in yourself and forget about all the negative thoughts, things will go your way.

  9. Whats you long-term goal and your goal for this year. You coach has set any benchmark that you should achive this year?

    I hope to get a SEA Games gold in 2007, and since i wasn’t selected in the Sea Games squad this year, I still have the Pan Pacific games which i hope to break the 15m barrier.

  10. Other than track/field, what are your other passion

    I love to play soccer, i’m a soccer fanatic.

Thank you Stefan for your participation


Posted by Uncle Sha.
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