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Shaun Kok
  • February 17th, 2004

Shaun Kok

In this interview, we talk to Shaun Kok of Ahmad Ibrahim Secondary. This year Shaun has learn how to pace himself and improving his finishing times. There’s a special talent involved here people. We asked him for his perspective on life and track

Coach: Ms Tan Yew Ling/Mr Pedro Soto

School: Ahmad Ibrahim Secondary School, Sec4

Personal Best: 800m (2.01), 800m (4.30)

  1. How did you get started with Track & Field

    Shaun: I was in track in Primary School but was the reserve of all reserves. Most looked down on me, so maybe when i was selected in Sec 1 i decided to train hard and got to love running more and more

  2. Other than track what else do you do?

    Shaun: Play lots of soccer and sleep alot

  3. Per day, what is your daily routine like?

    Shaun: After school ends, if there is training, I will rush down to it. Other than that, most of the time i would play soccer or have lunch with friends

  4. Tell abit about your family, any support from them?

    Shaun: My dad is my biggest supporter. He goes down for every race no matter what, mum makes sure I’m eating well and sleeping right and its a good feeling to have your family supporting you

  5. Your career highlight .. the most memorable run? Tell us

    Shaun: It would have to be the 800m gold at 2001 nationals as i was really the underdog

  6. Ultimate long term goal?

    Shaun: Make it into SEA games squad running 4x400m and 800m with a couple of other great athletes and win a gold medal. Bring pride to Singapore and ourselves

  7. Goal for this year?

    Shaun: Make it into JC and hopefully a medal in upcoming Nationals

  8. How do you prepare before a race?

    Shaun: Eat well days before the race and have enough rest. On race day, just try to stay relaxed while keeping focused

  9. Your thoughts before, during and after a run?

    Shaun: Before the race i would try to stay lively as thinking too much can bring your game down. During the run just try to stay focused and after the run, look back on my mistakes and find out how i can rectify them

  10. During training, per week what is your routine like?

    Shaun: 3 times per week. Single sessions and mostly lasting 3 hrs as i slack alot. Usually will put in one day of weights training at RI

  11. Any injury plaguing you before?

    Shaun: Not really. Just had strains in my hamstring

  12. Do you take care of your nutrition?

    Shaun: Not very specific of what food to take or not to take, but plenty of carbo rich food

  13. If any one person or group has inspired or motivate you excel and continue track, who is he/she and what has he/she done?

    Shaun: There are two people actually. My dad and my coach Ms Tan. They have been with me ever since i began running, and the advices and support they give me is tremendous

  14. Who is your idol .. any athlete you look up to?

    Shaun: Hicham El Guerrouj and many other Singapore athletes. Not only running wise, but also their characters

  15. Any advise for young athlete venturing into track/field?

    Shaun: The faster you make it up the ladder, the faster and harder you fall. Gradually make it up the ladder and the longer you will stay there. Take your time as time is on your side.

  16. Any last comments or quotations?

    Shaun: “Run for the love of running, not for the sake of winning, for once you start winning, you lose the love for running”

Shaun again made his mark in the Nationals School winning the ‘B’ Boys 800m with a personal best of 2.01. He never gave up the crucial 30m and overtook the lead, winning by a slight margin. The only certainty is that, to fulfil his potential, Shaun is making lots of dedication and sacrifice. All the best dude!


Posted by Uncle Sha.
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