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Shah Feroz
  • March 5th, 2004

Shah Feroz

This interview was conducted by one of Track United reporter who has observed Feroz’s meteoric rise from a mediocre runner to one of the nation’s top middle distance athlete. We caught up with Feroz, fresh off winning WINGS Open and a recent impressive personal best at 3rd All Comers

Height: 1.70m

Weight: 54.9kg

Born: 15 Aug 1984

Events: 800m, 1500m

  1. Last i heard from you, you were off sailing. Now you’re back in Singapore. Updated us on your current situation

    Feroz: Oh no, I did not go off for sailing. Actually, i’m still waiting to get a company’s reply. But after waiting all this while, i kind of lose interest in wanting to go sailing. I rather stay here and continue my running. But there’s also National Service. So right now. i’m just waiting for the last company that I’ve applied for, to give me their reply. If I can’t get it, then i’ll be a happy man

  2. You recently did a personal best in the 800m. Tell us about that run

    Feroz: That race I was just thinking of doing a better timing than my previous best which was 2.04mins .. and that wasn’t even an official timing because I did that in a time trial. As usual, i was always nervous at the start. But thanks to Michael Lui who helped everyone out there by being the pace setter. Seriously thanks to him I did a personal best that day in 3rd All Comers

  3. How did you get started with Track n Field?

    Feroz: Well in Secondary 1, I joined NPCC but they had an interview and i wasn’t one of those selected. I was quite sad and at the same time damn annoyed with the selection process. Then during PE lesson, my teacher who was also the track coach, saw me run and asked me to join the school’s Track & Field. I did after a little consideration

  4. Other than track what else do you do?

    Feroz: Mostly being involved in soccer. But not known to most people, I prefer to play rather than watching it

  5. Per day, what is your typical daily life routine like?

    Feroz: At the moment, after graduating from S’pore Poly, I’ll wake up as late as possible and be out of the house by early afternoon for training. I’ll usually be home at about 9pm. After setling down, i’ll hog on the computer if none of my siblings are using it. Quite boring huh? Haha, but to me I find it so happening!

  6. Ultimate long term goal?

    Feroz: To be a national athlete and to go further than any S’pore middle distance runners have gone to, at present

  7. Tell abit about your family, any support from them?

    Feroz: My siblings are 2 brothers who are 1 elder and the other younger than me. I also have a sister. My father is not supportive at all and so are my brothers, especially my elder brother. He keep saying that there’s no future in S’pore athletics and keep asking what have i attained up till now? My sister and mum on the other hand are not that bad. They won’t put me down like my brother. But now and then, my father will be a little supportive. I might emphasise “A little only”

  8. Do you have any interest in coaching or other involvement in Track & Field after you stop competing?

    Feroz: Never thought of that because i don’t have the confidence as a coach. To think of it, right now I’m not even able to come out with my own training programme after training for so long.

  9. Who are your running idols you look up to?

    Feroz: Steve Prefontaine … He’s a legend back then in US. I admire his fighting spirit. Also, our local athlete, G.Elangovan. He too has that fighting spirit in him.

  10. Where do you see yourself in 5 years down the road

    Feroz: I’ve really no idea about that. First thing first, I’ve to see whether if I’m going sailing or to work in a shipyard. If it’s shipyard, then I’m hoping to get a scholarship from the company to further my studies. As for track-wise, I’m just hoping and really hoping only that I’ll be able to reach the Commonwealth games standard

On a hindnote, Feroz is progressing well as an athlete and if we were to see him leave our shores for sailing we’ll lose a capable runner. We wish him all the best in his carrer and Track


Posted by Uncle Sha.
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