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Ron Koh Tong Eng
  • September 15th, 2005

Ron Koh Tong Eng

Ron Koh is no stranger in the local track and field scene. He has been around doing the discus for his college and university days. We catch with this big lad with a big heart and passion in ‘throwing’



Date of Birth: 09/09/1983

Coach: James Wong/ John Seem

Personal Best: 37.96m

  1. The readers would like to know more about you, so share with us with more info about yourself, other hobbies perhaps. Anything

    Well i started track and field only in JC2 and was addicted to the sport since then. I was a super late bloomer just like kenneth Khoo. I love basketball as much but i have no chance to shine in that area.

  2. How did you get started with Track/Field? What inspired you to take time to train, the sacrifices made and sweat it out

    I started track and field after my CJC captain Kenneth Khoo pull me into the team with then the CJC coach, Mr Melvin Tan. Before that i broke my Secondary school shot putt record. I only started training for discus under CJC’s second coach which is Mr Vincent Quek. Till today i will never forget how well did Mr Quek and Mr Tan and without these 2 coaches, i will not be what i am today. FOr training, i feel that u are only young once, why not try to excel in something rather than wasting your youth

  3. What’s your training consist of .. tell us an insight of your normal daily routine

    I used to train very hard but after training with new coach, my training became much lighter but more intensive. I do weights 3 times a week and throw around 9 times a week and rest days on Saturdays and Sundays.

  4. Who is coaching you now and do tell us some info of your training group. Any lighter moment to share?

    i have no training group but I will train with james wong in National Stadium whenever i have the time to.

  5. Tell us about some of your experiences and role models along the way

    I’ve only represented Singapore for the AUG once and that is my best experience other than Singapore open. My role model will be Mr C kunalan, Mr John Seem and Mr James Wong, thay are the ones that will kick me in the butt and keep me going on.
    What are you looking forward to right now? Your long term dream/goal

    I hope ‘tio’ throw 47m and above by 2007 and eventually make Singapore proud.

  6. How has your club, ‘Wings Athletics Club’ helped you out so far

    I am very grateful for what have Wings done for me. The committee members are really friendly and they will always ask you about your training when ever they bump into you. They ROCK!

  7. What do you think of the local athletics scene. What do you think is lacking that needs attention

    Local athletic scene is damn sad. Sometimes I am severely injured yet i do not get treatment. 2 years ago i have slip disc injury and I have to pay almost a $1000 on medical fees and physio which i think is super not worth it. Not for my determination, i would have quit this sport, because it is too expensive to maintain.

  8. Any advise for young athletes

    You are only young once, fight hard!

Thank you Ron for participating


Posted by Uncle Sha.
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