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Team RJC Breaks 4x100m National Junior Record
  • November 25th, 2005

Turning back the clock this year, 2005 July, it was National Schools Track & Field. The biggest event on the calendar for junior colleges and secondary school athletes. 8 grueling days of heats and finals which showcasing some of our best local young junior athletes.

We focus on Day 8 where, Team RJC broke the National Junior Record with a time of 41.64s, eclipsing the 41.87s which was previously set in Jamaica World Junior 2002. Team RJC consist of Ng Jia Yuan, Wan Kan, Abdul Hakeem and Jonah Tang. We manage to get hold of 2 of the athletes, Hakeem & Wan Kan. Below are the interview

  1. Team RJC eclipsed the previous National Junior mark of 41.87s with 41.64s at National School 2005. And to think the previous record has a quartet of powerhouse names such as Shameer, Izwan, Seng Song and Erzalmaniq. Not to take any credit away from your win and record, Team RJC are virtual unknowns such as Jia Yuan and Wang Kan. Can you share with us, tell us more of the 3 individuals other than yourself who was in the record breaking run

    Hakeem: Wang Kan this year has seen a tremendous improvement in his speed and power, and so too have Jia Yuan and Jonah. Each brought their own strengths into the team, Jonah with his very high top speed, Wang Kan great acceleration & perfect passing, and Jia Yuan excellent curve running. I think that the key to our good timing was good passing. We may not have the raw speed of the previous record holding team, but i believe our passing was much smoother,
    thus the faster time.

    Wang Kan: All three of them are very fast and have lots of potential. I am very glad to run with them and bring the honour back to RJC.

  2. How often do you practice the relays as a team before going into the event. Was there difficulty in training?

    Hakeem: There was alot of difficulty training the relay,due to the fact that our training grounds differ. I train in Gombak, Wang Kan in Bishan Stadium, Jia Yuan and Jonah in the former SPE. We only had time before the competition for one relay training in Toa Payoh Stadium. Thankfully all of us are experienced relay runners, so problems with passing weren’t encountered.

    Wang Kan: Only once before Nationals. Not much difficulties encountered

  3. So, who gets which ‘leg’ of the relay and why was the person choose for that ‘leg’

    Hakeem: Wang Kan was the lead off, Jonah second, Jia Yuan third and I was anchor. The positions kind of chose themselves.. Wang Kan is a long jumper, so he has the best acceleration, naturally the first leg. Then Jonah has the highest top speed, second leg, Jia Yuan the best curve, third then i was put into the available slot of anchor.

    Wang Kan: Our relay coach, Mr. John Seem, chose who gets which leg

  4. Going into National Schools, did you expect breaking the record?

    Hakeem: We were gunning for the record ever since the SPH school relays, where we
    clocked 42.98s. With the inclusion of Jia Yuan for the National Schools, we were confident going into the competition that a good timing was possible.Through calculations based on our PB’s in the 100m, we concluded that the record was well within reach, barring any extraordinary mishaps with the batons. All of us had PB’s below 11.4, with two of us under 11.05, and taking away 3.1s from the sum of our PB’s gave us our projected time. The most important part of the team was the trust we had in one another, to pass the baton smoothly and run well. I guess that’s what really made our
    timing special.

    Wang Kan: Haha, not really. All I thought about at that time was to run my best and do the school proud.

  5. How did the team celebrate after the win & record. Any celebrations?

    Hakeem: RJC had also won the championship, so after the competition we went to a teammate’s house for dinner.. actually, Wang Kan and I made a deal, if we went under 41.7s i would treat him to dinner, and if we didn’t, he would treat me. It wasn’t a bet i wanted to win though ;)

    Wang Kan: No particular celebration, just had a track dinner with other RJC teammates

Thank you Team RJC


Posted by Uncle Sha.
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