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Pamela Chia
  • October 19th, 2003

Pamela Chia

I was given the opportunity to interview this young lady from HCJC. Glance wise i picture a confident and mature person and athlete and i was amazed at her friendlyness and openess when interviewed. Pamela is coached by Miss K Jayamani

  1. How do you usually prepare physically for a race

    Pamela: I train daily, 2 times to 1 times daily

  2. During the SWIFT cross country which you won, what was your goal

    Pamela: Basically i was going for the timing, being 1st is a plus. I’m actually preparing for this year SEA Games 2003 in Vietnam

  3. How did you feel a couple of days before a race let’s say

    Pamela: I would usually do normal stuff, basically i feel normal

  4. At SWIFT cross country what was your take on the race

    Pamela: I was glad it didn’t rain though it was slippery along the race route and i saw a few fell down the slope. I was happy the team did well as most of them are mostly still in year-1 and being a senior i’ve to lead by example (Pamela is HCJC ladies team captain)

  5. Do you fear any one athlete in particular?

    Pamela: If i were to lose, i’ll take it as a learning process. I won’t be too disappointed

  6. What is next? Any more races?

    Pamela: I hope the team will do well in the upcoming National School Cross Country at Sentosa. I’m also hoping to do well at SEA Games

Pamela went on to win the girls A Division in the National Schools Cross Country 2003 after this interview, leaving the nearest gal some distance away. Also her school HCJC girls team won 2nd overall just 8 points behing RJC. It goes to show dedicated training displayed by Pamela Chia goes a long way


Posted by Uncle Sha.
singapore athletics

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