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Oh Bao Ming
  • June 19th, 2003

Oh Bao Ming

Oh Bao Ming is like a rough diamond gem. Raw, uncut but full of potential. When i first saw him ran, he stood out from the rest as he was running this fast, fluid yet relaxed running style and possess a great finishing kick. Read more of this young man from the interview below

Your coach: Miss Jayamani

School: Clementi ITE

Personal Best: 800m – 2.01, 800m – 4.22

  1. How did you get started with Track & Field

    Bao Ming: Perhaps due to the competition during primary school

  2. Other than track what else do you do?

    Bao Ming: Play Basketball

  3. Per day, what is your daily routine like?

    Bao Ming: Training, still training .. When free on mon, wed, fri and sun will go for basketball

  4. Tell abit about your family, any support from them?

    Bao Ming: My family consists of 7 members 1 brother and 3 sisters. My dad and my mum. They silently support mei

  5. On your free time, where do you hangout?

    Bao Ming: Friends house

  6. Tell us your view of the future of Singapore athletic, is it heading in the right direction

    Bao Ming: Well i think so, at least they are promoting about it, but perhaps they should give the athletes more chance towards overseas races

  7. Ultimate long term goal?

    Bao Ming: Next year Asian Junior and 2 years time SEA Games

  8. Goal for this year?

    Bao Ming: To improve myself till another level of fitness, hopefully will be able to clock a early 4mins for 1500m

  9. How do you prepare before a race?

    Bao Ming: By brushing up my fitness and also stay focus

  10. What are usually your race tactics?

    Bao Ming: If i’m on my fitness, i will definately pull away from the race.

  11. During training, per week what is your routine like?

    Bao Ming: For example Long run and workout on alternate days.

  12. How many times u train per week, per day how many time & how many hours?

    Bao Ming: Around 10 times per week. One day might goes to 2 session. A session will last around 3 hours

  13. What motivate you to train & venture in track/field

    Bao Ming: To overcome myself and to put on my country attire

  14. Any injury plaguing you before?

    Bao Ming: Ya, my foot having some bone problem

  15. Do you take care of your nutrition?

    Bao Ming: Erm… not really, used to mom home cook

  16. Did SARS affect your training?

    Bao Ming: Nope

  17. Any advise for young athlete venturing into track/field?

    Bao Ming: Well, learn to enjoy and focus more on the basic foundation

  18. Any last comments or quotations?

    Bao Ming: My idol Steve Prefontain Fav phrase.”Giving anything less than ur best is to sacrifices the Gift”

Youth is on his side and few years down the years i’ve a feeling i’ll still be seeing this young lad kicking up a storm in the local athletics circuit


Posted by Uncle Sha.
singapore athletics

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