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  • December 17th, 2005


Kumar is an exceptional unique talent. A late bloomer, he has been groomed and trained by former Singapore sprinter Md Hosni into a terrific sprinter. The only drawback to his talent is his own self. We talked to him to find out more about him.

Height:169 cm

Weight: 59 kg

Date of Birth: 08/09/1980

Coach: Muhd Hosni

Personal Best:100m(10.97),200m(22.19),400m(48.62)

  1. I’m sure the readers don’t know much about you and wish to know more about you. Can you share with us, your current occupation and your background in sports

    Well i am currently a 3rd yr student in NYP doing Manufacturing Engineering and my sports background prior to NYP was just playing soccer and running long distance in army.So track is relatively something very new to me.

  2. You’ve been such a revelation this year. You stormed the local track scene with improved results event after event. What do you think has been the factors that helped you to get where you are now

    Firstly i was injured after last yr ivp where i did 50.5 sec till this yr feb. During my recovery my coach, NYP team manager Mr.Guru and all the athletes there gave me the confidence to make a come back and perform for the poly.Without the motivation and training from them i could not have come so far.So i guess a good team was instrumental in me doing those good results.

  3. How do you handle the pressure of training and school

    I have been managing so far to cope with my studies and sports without failing any modules, but i must add that NYP lecturers and my course manager have been very helpful in planning out my schedule for me.

  4. How did you get started with Track. What’s special about the event you do

    Erm actually i joined the athletics club just for the cca recognition with no interest to run then just before ivp the 400m runner had a hamstring pull so i came in as a last moment replacement and ran. The result i produced there convinced me to stick on to track.I am proud to be a 400m runner as i consider it to be the most grueling sprint event. A lot of mental power is needed for it and i believe its not an event where everyone can excel.Thus i consider it special in that sense.

  5. Coming into the Track local scene, what was your initial impression of it. The people, the meets, the coaches, the association … anything

    At first i was overawed by it then i learn to cope with the pressure with the aid of my coach and team manager with their good advice.I consider the local Track scene as one brimming with talents for ex. Jonah .The people in the scene have been great and supportive like a family, the meets is charged with excitement as a runner i think you feel it too sha.The coaches i realized have all their methods of training but to a common end to improve the athletes.Where the association is concerned i do not bother about anything but my run so i got nothing much to comment other than that i feel only results in timing ,distance and height matters and nothing else.Only by merit.

  6. Whats your biggest fear in track and training

    That one day i will get too old for my event and have to retire hahaha.Training wise i got bad sleeping posture due to that many neck injuries.So the eve of every competition i am a nervous wreck that i will wake up with a stiff neck.

  7. Tell us a little info on your nutrition and training. What do you on a daily or weekly basis perhaps.

    OK my nutrition erm a lot of black pepper beef steaks and yes i guess the other runners know about this RED BULL. Training i do power drills,weights, speed workout, endurance, aqua training and once a week a long jog.

  8. Longevity in Singapore Track/Field is rare. How long do you think you intend to stay running. What are your long-term goals

    Hmmm just as long as i can do top timing and as long as my legs pump fast enough. Well i plan to represent the nation in as many competitions as possible before i retire and after that will be coaching.

  9. Who are your role models and athletes that you respect. Tell us about your training group. Is it big or do you train alone?

    My coach Mr Hosni, Mr.Kunalan and Mr.Guru as i feel if not for him i would not be where i am today and any athlete out there as i feel Track & Field is not a easy sports so they all deserve my respect.I train with NYP athletes we number to about 30 and i train with them as well as we have a lot of quality athletes there to spur each other to do better timings.

  10. I’ve seen you run, and it’s just wonderful to see you run your opponents down espiecally those who are bigger, heh. You’re not the typical stocky, muscles big-sized athletes type but so does C.Kunalan. Does size and muscle matter to you? Ever mistaken by people for 800m or distance runner? Hehe

    First of all thanks for the compliment (next time lunch on me ok). I’ve been looked down due to my thin legs and frame but hey in the end its your timing that matters and not your mass.And yes a lot of people have come up to me and said i look like a long distance runner and yes i used to run long distance in National Service

  11. Which area of your running and training, do you wish to improve on

    I wish to improve on my last 30 m as if feel i am not strong enough there yet.So its my endurance and yeah as you all know i got to break this habit of puking.

Thank you Kumar for your participation


Posted by Uncle Sha.
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