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Md Shameer Ayub
  • September 9th, 2003

Md Shameer Ayub

In this interview, we talk again to Shameer and his record breaking run at Askina Kassel Meet dated 13.6.03. we asked of his stay there and his journey to SEA Games. His thoughts and analysis of his form and run

Coach: Mr Tang Ngai Kin

School: Temasek Poly / Yr2 / IT

Personal Best: 100m (10.60) , 200m (21.50)

  1. What was the purpose for going for the European races .. training stint, exposure, SEA Games preparation, etc?

    Shameer: Well the whole purpose was to prepare me for SEA Games as well as giving me more opportunity to compete at a higher level and thus gaining more experience for the future

  2. Other than Seng Song, who are the rest of the Spore delegation

    Shameer: Unfortunately, the only athletes were me and him. My coach, Ngai kin, and my team manager, Govindaraju were the two officials accompanying us

  3. Before the race, how did u prepare for the race

    Shameer: Well i didn’t do much preparation for my first race. after a 12 hrs flight to frankfurt, I took a van to Saarlouis. The trip took bout 3 hrs plus. Once I reached the hotel, i had my dinner and then i went straight to bed. The next day i competed and did a 10.77 (7th place, did not qualified final). I was disappointed and i told my coach and team manager that Kassel was the place where my mission statement would be “Do or Die”. We arrived in Kassel early morning, two days before competition. First day i rested most of the time. Second day, i went to the track and did some light quality workouts. I still remember on that day Seng Song beat me in 30m for 3 straight sets. I become frustrated and decided to end my training. However i still believe my timing would come later. That night i did some necessary post race preparation such as massaging my legs, relax my mind and had a good sleep

  4. You mentioned in the papers that your running style changed, can you tell us more on it

    Shameer: Well my overall technique changed. I changed my arm swing style to my own comfort. Most people and coaches would follow arm swing technique from the book. i think that shouldnt be the way because you might not be comfortable with it. I also changed my running style to that of a medium stride with faster frequency. My running posture was also corrected accordingly. My starting position was also revamped to a new method

  5. Did you run all-out for the 10.6 race or it’s just another race that you took easy

    Shameer: That 10.60 was a race i gave 97% effort. i say this because when i start the race, i realised i was the first out of the blocks. So because i think, i lost a little concentration. then halfway through the middle i saw Frankie Fredricks cut me. (he was just beside me, lane 3), and for a few moment my eyes were glued to him. My dipping technique was not so gd either. i think that little little minor technicalities caused me a sub 10.6 … so that justify my 97% effort. 1 % for each error

  6. What are your thoughts after the race

    Shameer: I know i did a fast time and i was hoping it would be a 10.5s. I told my coach a hand signal … putting my five fingers up … he just smiled at me and told me to get ready for my 200m

  7. How did u react that u know u clocked your PB and a new National Junior record

    Shameer: When the result came out as a 10.60, i was jumping like a mad person. i called my parents waking them up because the local time was 2am … lol (lol is internet lingo for ‘laughing out loud’) … Overall, i’m happy because i broke my PB n as well as the Nat Jr record, but deep deep inside, i hope that .60 would be to somewhere of a .5

  8. Any small celebration over there … and in spore?

    Shameer: Not yet … lol

  9. Could you say you are peaking at the right time for SEA Games? Hows the preperation

    Shameer: I’m only halfway through right now … im going to load myself again meaning heavy trainning for this few weeks. Hopefully by sea games, i will be at my peak

  10. So what are the events you’ll be taking in SEA Games .. which event you have more confident and why

    Shameer: Ermm all that depends on which events i qualified for. My most important aim and priority is the relay. i think we stand a gd chance to go below sub 40. Individual events would be a bonus for me. I’m confident in both 100m and 200m

  11. Any funny/weird incident happened while u were there

    Shameer: Ermm … we took stupid pictures such as empty cracker wrappers, my butt and Seng Song sleeping, etc using team manager camera …. sorry Sir!! Hahaha

Shameer is now in Europe with a small Singapore delegation team training and racing to prepare for SEA Games. We’ll bring you more of that soon. So keep on checking onto this webpage for the latest!


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