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Md Nazri Ishak
  • August 26th, 2005

This week, we talked to Md Nazri. A young hurdler from the highly regarded Singapore Sports School. Md Nazri made headlines when he broke the Wei Mao Jie’s ‘C’ Division hurdles standing record in considerable fashion with a timing of 14.20s at National Junior

Date of Birth: 1/2/1991

Personal Best: 100m hurdles:13.80(HT) 13.90(ET),400m hurdles:60.00(ET)

  1. Tell us about a little yourself (likes, other hobbies perhaps, family, anything)

    I was a soccer player since Primary 4 but in Primary 6 something bad, happened to me and that’s when I started my attention to track. My coach trained me in hurdles initially, but back then I didn’t even know how to hurdle. He said that i’ve the ‘speed’ as I previously played as a striker in the school team. So that’s where my love for track started. Hobbies? Well i love playing soccer and street soccer plus hanging around with my friends and doing my stuffs

  2. How do you juggle studies and trainings at Sports School there. How does it work there

    Sports School has this modular system that helps us to balance our sports and studies. When you’re away on competition you need not worry, about your studies because you can still catch up with your work

  3. So far what has your coach plan for you this year?

    He wants me have new PB’s. He said if i can go for the record, then go ahead and do it. Well I did it this year.

  4. You have been breaking records in your pet event, hurdling. Was the progression of timing and breaking records part of your goal this year .. or was it unexpected. Can we expect more records

    Yes it was part of my goal breaking the record as last year i was the youngest in my division and i still came in fourth for 100m hurdles against tougher bigger runners. My coach Mr Paul Rainer gave me alot of confidence after last years national schools. Motivated, I trained hard for the this year’s upcoming competition which is the national juniors. There I finally gotten my PB which is 14.92 but I didn’t break the record because there’s was no standing record. I finally broke the national schools record but that wasn’t my PB though and I’m quite disappointed because i want it to last long. I did a 14.20. I’m training harder now to break more records. I’ll be ‘B’ division next year and its gonna be tough. I have not set my goals for next year competition though

  5. How’s your daily routine like in Sports School. Maybe a short glimpse of what you do per week

    I train 10 times a week but we get to rest two times in a week. We train in the morning at 6.30am, then we go to school at 9am till 1.45pm We have our rest time which is at 2pm till 4pm. Our second training session starts at 4pm and ends at 6.30pm We’ll wash up and go for our dinner. After dinner we have our study time from 7.30pm till 9pm. From 9pm till 10pm is our free time. We can go to the recreation room if we want. It’s lights out at 10pm

  6. Who do you look up to … Anyone whom you draw inspiration

    It’s Hakeem from RJC. He is a good inspiration as he is a good hurdler. He used to train under my coach Mr Rainer, and we trained together before in my school

  7. Tell us of the bonds of friendship you made at Sports School. More camaraderie perhaps? As you practically sees them on most days in class or track. Describe your circle of friends

    Our friendship is very close as we have gone through ups and downs during our competitions. Sometimes we do quarrel about the small things but overall we get along well

  8. I always observed that parents of Sports School athletes come down in numbers during meets or competition. What role do they play at Sports School? Are they in any way involved in your other activities at Sports School

    They play a BIG part as they came down at our competition ground to support us. My track and field parents support group has design a t-shirt for our academy also and that shows hows supportive they are

  9. I’m sure you’ve pick-up valuable lessons at Sports School. Any advise to young athletes or those trying to pick-up athletics

    Don’t ever give up. Train hard and you will succeed and if you ever lost in your race, dont stay too long in your misery.Take that as a learning point. Go on and ammend your mistakes.”Losing is part and parcel of wining”. That’s what my coach told me when i lost my race

Credit: Singapore Sports School & Md Nazri


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