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Lee Yan Lin and Lee Yan Fen
  • June 20th, 2004

Lee Yan Lin

We talked to the fastest pair of sisters in Singapore! Lee Yan Lin and Lee Yan Fen. The two has set the local track scene ablaze with their fine runs, no pun intended of course

Name : Lee Yan Lin

Height: 1.63m

Weight: 52 kg

Date of Birth: 29 June

Coach: Mr Low Chan Pew , Miss Chan See Huey, Aunty Margaret

Personal Best: 12.47 (100m), 25.66 (200m)

  1. You were recently featured in the papers as the fastest schoolgirl around and even broke the recent 200M A Girls record at National School 2004. Do you think you’re capable of breaking our national record of 100 / 200M ?

    Thank you and appreciate the Straits Times for the compliment. Yes, breaking the national record should be my target if I continue to train very hard everyday

  2. How did you get started with Track & Field ?

    I was spotted by my PE teachers when I was in P5 and effectively I represented Ai Tong Pri School in T&F and from then on my passion for running grew

  3. How do you juggle between studies and track commitment ?

    It was tough and unlike the Sports School, it is self-contained and time well managed by specialists. With the little spare time that I have after training, I try to complete as much work. Sounds like I can juggle ya.

  4. Per day, what is your typical daily life routine like ?

    Every day is different. Basically, it’s school, training, do homework, tuition, watch TV, chat online, etc.

  5. Training-wise, what do you think is lacking now. What should you focus on yourself now to improve your running ?

    I will have to focus more on my techniques now in order to increase my speed and do more gym workout

  6. Ultimate long term goal ?

    Long term goal, hopefully to break the national record after much training to compete in the SEA Games and more international meets.

  7. Any injury plaguing you before ?

    Nothing serious.

  8. Tell us about the support from your family. Are they supportive ?

    I am proud and thankful to my parents who are very supportive though there were the constant nags during exam period. They always want me to be happy and if I should be stressful on the track, they have suggested that I withdraw from competitions and go for some thing relaxing in life.

  9. Tell us a bit about your training mates and coaches. How have they help and guided you all this while ?

    My training mates and especially my coaches are excellent people. Without their effort and encouragement, I may not have achievement and we develop mutually towards sports excellence for our nation.

  10. The Olympics is coming up. Who are you supporting or rooting at the Games ?

    No one in particular. Our Singapore Team and Seng Song of course

Lee Yan Fen

Name: Lee Yan Fen
Height: 1.59m
Weight: 43kg
Date of Birth: 29 August
Coach: Miss Chan See Huey
Personal Best: 13.13 (100m)

  1. At the recent concluded National Schools, though you came in first in the semi-finals, you finished 4th in the finals at Kallang. I was told you were carrying an injury during the finals. Tell us of the injury and update us on your current situation.

    My injury is fine now, thank you. It was not very serious so I wouldn’t say it affected my performance in the finals

  2. Your older sister is Lee Yan Lin, currently Singapore and NJC sprinter. How’s that tag as a national athlete little sister goes? Were there peer pressure into following her steps?

    Since little, I enjoy watching my sister run and love her glory. There was no pressure in following her steps and my parents believe that the siblings enjoy doing what they are most happy in.

  3. Why choose sprinting? What made you pick up that spike and train hard? How did you initially get into Track?

    I followed my sister’s footstep and was running for Ai Tong School. I did not have proper training in primary school days until I got into St Nicks that training was effectively provided. Naturally T&F becomes my core CCA.

  4. You’re currently studying at CHIJ St Nicks, tell us of how you juggle between your studies and trainings

    I have been in the Sports Class in Sec 2 & Sec 3 and am able to juggle studies with sports and other activities so far. The teachers in St Nicks are very supportive as they ensure that we can achieve in both study and sports and extra lessons are provided after the Nationals in July.

  5. Other than Track, what else is your passion / hobby ?

    Like all students, I go online, watch TV, movies, enjoy food, leisure reading besides project and schoolwork which I will never overlook.

  6. How do you prepare before a race usually?

    Warm up and be focus, eat lightly before race. Sleep early on the eve.

  7. Tell us a little, what’s your training like per week?

    In St Nick’s, training is thrice weekly for about 3 hours. After the Nationals, it is twice weekly.

  8. Which school path would you take after your O’s at CHIJ St Nicks. JC or Poly? Any particular school you’re likely to choose!

    I will proceed to JC after my O’s. It is quite early to decide which JC I should go to now.

  9. Tell us a little on your family. Do you have any other siblings? How’s your relationship with your sister and the support from your parents in your involvement in Track?

    I am the youngest in the family. I have an elder brother who plays tennis and was a soccer captain for his school and Yan Lin is number two. 3 of us get on perfectly well and our parents are very supportive and happy that we are involved in sports.

  10. Who are your running idols you look up?

    So far, it’s my sister Yan Lin in the local scene. Well no one in particular in the international scene


Posted by Uncle Sha.
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