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Izwan Firdaus
  • November 25th, 2003

Izwan Firdaus

Izwan recently went to Canada, Sherbrooke for World Youth Championship 2003. Junior athletes 15-17yrs old from all over the world comes here to compete. We asked him to recount his performance and his time there

Coach: Hamkak Afik

School: Private Schooling

Personal Best: 100m (11.10) , 200m (23.20)

  1. Other than Tang Y.H who was the rest of spore delegation?

    Izwan: Jonah tang and Phang Xiao Feng but they couldn’t make it, so we had to scrap the 4x100m event

  2. How long did you all stayed in Sherbrooke .. and where. Did you move around?

    Izwan: We stayed there for a week at bishop’s university. We did move around to get use to the place

  3. Tell us abit about Sherbrooke, Canada. Weather, people, food, etc

    Izwan: Sherbrooke is a very nice place with a lot of open space field. The weather was about 12-20 degree but it gets colder when it rains. The food was delicious. Western food was serve to us everyday

  4. Why didn’t you and Tang Y.H run in the 200m?

    Izwan: We only qualify for 100m and physically we are unprepared for 200m

  5. Going into the race, what was your expectation?

    Izwan: I didn’t expect much … I just want to do my best and break my PB

  6. What was your coach instruction running the 100m

    Izwan: He told me to concentrate on my arm action and stay tall while running

  7. Rate your 100m performance … tell us abt the race

    Izwan: I’m satisfied with my run and I’m happy with my timing although I think I can do better. I was slowing down the last 50m cause I felt a twitch on my hamstring. I think it’s because of the rain and cold weather. It affected me a lot cause, as u know, I’m kinda skinny. Haha!

  8. Are you happy about your run/race?

    Izwan: Overall … I’m quite happy with my race

  9. Coming back home … the 1st thing you did. Missed anything while you were in Sherbrooke (food, sch, etc??)

    Izwan: I start to SMS my buddy! Haha! I miss my parents and all my friends alot! They rocks!

  10. So what’s next now? Any races you’re planning to run?

    Izwan: I’m hoping to do well for the upcoming races. There’s some coming up leading to Singapore Open

Izwan did considerably well and did the nation proud. This is his 2nd World Youth Champ outing


Posted by Uncle Sha.
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