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Divya Moorthy
  • May 12th, 2005

Divya Moorthy

If you followed the track scene in Singapore last season, you would know that this young lady set the track ablaze with her fast times. She was only a junior but yet she was the fastest lady over the 400m and one of the Top-10 200m female runners in the nation last year. We at Singapore Athletics talked to his Cedarian who has a penchant for family ties, the outdoors and her love for running

Height: 1.60m

Weight: 41kg

Date of Birth: 22 Sep 1989

Coach: Mr Tay Yong Hwee

Personal Best: 26.48 (200m), 58.73 (400m)

Track/Field Highlights or Achievements: Equalizing the 400m, Girls ‘B’ Division record, previously held by Ze Teng, getting 1st for both 200m and 400m for WALA last year

  1. How did you get started in Track & Field?

    My mother wanted me to join Track and Field, and I slowly developed my interest for it.

  2. Last season you were in great form for Cedar. How’s your current form?

    I am currently training up well for cross country, the 1st time in 4 years in cedar! it sure is going great

  3. What is your goal for this year and what is your long term goal?

    I want to achieve 57 seconds for 400m and 25 seconds for the 200m. I would like also to get chosen for the future ASEAN schools

  4. Other than Track, what else is your passion/hobby?

    I love to hang out with friends, watch certain television programmes, and interact with my parents and brother.

  5. How do you prepare before a race usually?

    I would firstly concentrate, focus and think about my race, visualize the timing that i want to achieve, and after that drink my shake. That physcologically gives me a surge of energy.

  6. If you weren’t doing Track, what do you think you would be doing instead now?

    I would be playing a sport, netball, tennis, table tennis or even volleyball.

  7. Describe the greatest moment of your athletic career

    When I heard that I had equalized with the 400m record ‘B’ Girls record and when I had been selected to represent Singapore to compete in Sarawak. I went like ‘WOW’ on both occasion

  8. What’s your training like .. tell us an insight of your normal daily routine

    It would be a 15 minute warm-up, full stretching, drills (ankling, high knee, butt kick, fast leg) striding of about 60metres 3 times, and starting on my schedule. Now that i am training for cross country, we have interval training, 500, 600, 800, 1000, 800, 600, 500! A normal routine, but it changes from day to day

  9. Tell us about some of your experiences and role models along the way

    I wasn’t anywhere running in Secondary 1, and when I was in Secondary 2, I surprisingly came in first for 400m and 2nd for 200m. It was a shocked to me and my coach. Erm my role models? I don’t have any specific role models

  10. Any advice for young athletes?

    Track is a real rewarding CCA. Shouldn’t actually say CCA, you must have the passion to run or jump or throw. You work and train hard and get through the sour parts, the rewards are as sweet as ever!

  11. How do you balance between studies & track commitment?

    I have worked-out a plan as to what I have to do in a day, and no matter what i have to follow it, no grace period or ‘discount’, unless i am really sick! I must complete the required work within that particular day. Before my training starts, I would try to complete my homework so that i just have to study certain chapters when i get home


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